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how to create a Ninja Drawing from simple shapes and lines

How To Create A Ninja Drawing From Simple Shapes And Lines

Creating the perfect ninja drawing is not as difficult as it looks. Simply draw a cool cartoon character (with a mean facial expression) and dress this character with black clothing and a dark mask.

Previous ninjas created on this web site had accessories that are colored in red. Not this one. Obviously, a ninja doesn't want to be seen so adding a colorful objects is not recommended. Of course, you can always draw what you want to! :)

Step 1

ninja drawing

First, let's draw the shape of the cartoon character. Start by drawing the head and make sure that the shape is pointed enough to illustrate the chin and large enough to depict the jaw properly. 

Then, you can use a large rectangle to represent the body. Two additional rectangles are necessary to form the arms. Finally, you can also draw the eyes using circles. Since the ninja is not in happy mood today, you might want to use circles that are slightly cut on top. 

Step 2

ninja drawing

Next, we need to add more details on the ninja drawing. You can still use basic shapes and thin outlines that are colored in black. Fortunately, the cartoon character is mostly made of black shapes, so changes are gonna be minor later in the tutorial.

Draw the nose using a single line. You can also use the same shapes that you draw to form the eyes to illustrate the pupils. Finally, two circles are perfect to form the hands and the shoes can be made with two triangles.

Step 3

ninja drawing

It's now time to add colors. For this cartoon character, only three different colors are needed. You can use black to color the pupils, the head, the body, the legs and the shoes. The illustration is hard to read for now, but we will fix this later. 

The face and the hands can be colored with the color of your choice. Indeed, skin can be colored with multiple choices. The eyes must be colored in white so that the pupils remain visible. 

Step 4

ninja drawing

In this part of the tutorial, we usually select the gradient tool to create a great effect on colored shapes. Since most of the ninja drawing is colored in black and that the eyes are not affected by this effect, you can only apply the gradient tool on the face and on the hands. 

To achieve this effect properly, select the color of the skin and choose a darker version of this color. Then, use the gradient tool to apply this effect. Of course, the darker version must be located on the bottom of the shape for this effect to work.

Step 5

ninja drawing

Great! It's kind of hard to add depth and shadows on a ninja drawing that is so dark, but we can add a few more effects to enhance this illustration. To give more volume to this cartoon ninja, draw dark shapes on the left side of the face and around the eyes.

You can also draw another similar shape below the nose. Finally, the hands are also good places to draw large and dark shadows. Don't worry for the black areas. We can add another effect later to give more depth to the cartoon character. 

Step 6

ninja drawing

Shapes drawn earlier are looking great, but maybe we can make these effects more subtle. The result right now is pretty dramatic (which is not bad), but it's not what we are looking for. Every vector application comes with a tool that gives you the possibility to play with the opacity of any solid object. 

Some software have an independent tool to work on opacity while others are able to play with transparency through the coloring tools. Select shapes created earlier and make sure that these shapes are now more subtle and slightly transparent.

Step 7

ninja drawing

Perfect! It's now time to give life to all these black areas. Our ninja drawing looks a bit boring with dark clothing, so we need to play with lighting. Select all solid shapes from the character and duplicate them. You can also scale these shapes to 95% of their original sizes. 

Then, change the color to white. For the pupils, you can draw an oval shape as shown on your left instead of using a round shape. The result should be more interesting. We are not done yet because a white cartoon ninja is not what we are looking for! :)

Step 8

ninja drawing

Once again, we need to play with the opacity of all white shapes. Unlike shadows that were darker on the left side of the shapes, we need to make the right side of each white shapes brighter. 

Finding the right balance between too much white and not enough can be tricky. Simply remember that our ninja drawing must be black, so you must leave just enough white to make the drawing readable, but not too much unless you prefer to have a white cartoon character.

Step 9

ninja drawing

Finally, I usually like to make a single last modification when the cartoon character is all done. Unfortunately, this little modification won't be very important here because the character is mostly dressed in black. Select shapes that are NOT colored in black and change the color of the outline.

For example, you can use a dark brown color to illustrate the nose. The same color can be used for the hands and the eyes. Great! Now the illustration is finished. As you can see, drawing a cartoon ninja should not be too complicated if you follow this drawing tutorial carefully! :)

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