How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

Far from being annoying, this mosquito clipart is perfect if you need a simple insect to illustrate! Using only four basic steps and some curved lines, I will show you how to draw a cartoon mosquito that is simple to sketch and adorable to look at.

Of course, mosquitoes are usually annoying creatures often associated with deceases and bites. Millions of people are affected by mosquitoes each year and getting rid of these insects is virtually impossible. For each human you can find on earth, you can also find 200 million insects. Needless to say that we are overpowered! 

In this simple lesson, you will learn to draw the character found below. As you can see, this cartoon mosquito should be relatively easy to create once you are familiar with all four steps needed to draw this character. Ready? Let's begin now! :)

How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

Step 1

First, draw a large rectangle to form the head and body of the mosquito. Then, add two long curved lines to represent the antennas. Make sure that the tip of these lines are pointed and facing the ground. Using large and thick outlines is a good idea if you want to end up with a cute character. 

How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

Step 2

Next, draw the eyes using large circular shapes. Inside the eyes, you can also sketch small circles to form the pupils. The proboscis is done using a long oval shape located below the eyes of the cartoon insect. 

How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

Step 3

Complete the character by drawing four small wings made from curved lines. Using small shapes will increase the level of cuteness for this illustration. On the bottom of the rectangle, you can also draw the feet using once again small curved lines.

How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

Step 4

It's time to add colors inside this mosquito! The wings are filled with a subtle blue color. The body of the character is grey while the eyes are white. Pupils are also grey. The feet and the proboscis are filled with a darker version of the grey color used to filled in the body of the insect.

How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

And here it is! A fun mosquito clipart!

These are all four steps needed to come up with a fun cartoon insect that looks adorable. If you want to try something different, then don't hesitate to work on this other tutorial featuring a mosquito that is also simple and accessible to anyone. Have fun! :)

How to Draw a Mosquito Clipart

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