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creating fun Moose Drawings using fun digital effects

Creating Fun Moose Drawings Using Fun Digital Effects

Moose drawings are fun to create. This adorable cartoon character often looks either mean, slightly dumb or suspicious. In this case, I decided to draw a moose with large eyes and tiny legs. 

The moose is very present in North America, especially in Canada. Easily recognizable with its large Antlers (for the male anyway), it is quite easy to draw this cartoon animal and have a result similar to the real thing. 

Step 1

Moose drawings

Let's start this drawing lesson by creating a sketch of the character. If you have a tablet, you can sketch directly to your computer. Like I said earlier, I tried to create a funny moose with large pupils, tiny legs and a cute tail.

Step 2

Moose drawings

When you are done, convert your drawing into a digital file (if you used a pencil and a piece of paper) and import the illustration on your computer. Then, open your vector software and add dark lines just like shown in the image above.

Step 3

Moose drawings

Create a new layer and place it behind the first two. Then, create new shapes and add plain colors for now. The goal is to separate the outlines and the plain shapes since shadows will be added between these two layers later on.

Step 4

Moose drawings

Select the gradient tool from your vector software and add a subtle effect on each element of the cartoon character. Remember that the bottom part of each shape must be darker.

Step 5

Moose drawings

When you are finished, create a new layer between the outlines and the plain shapes (that are now filled with gradient colors!). Add new dark shapes to represent strong shadows. Our goal is to add more depth to the moose.

Step 6

Moose drawings

Select the transparency tool and partially hide the top part of each shape added previously. Shadows are now subtle, but still strong enough to give more volume to the illustration.

Step 7

Moose drawings

Shadows are nice, but adding reflection to our moose drawings can definitely give a better result. To create reflection, simply add a new layer. Then, create new shapes that are colored in white. The pink one was added so that you could see the white shape positioned over another white shape. 

Step 8

Moose drawings

Once again, select the transparency tool and partially hide the bottom part of each white shapes created previously. Highlights are subtle since the skin of the moose doesn't reflect light like plastic would (it's just an example).

Step 9

Moose drawings

Finally, you can alter the color of all outlines using a tone of color similar to the one from the shape closer to the line. Black outlines are great, but adding colors to the outlines is a more efficient option. Good job! I think our moose is ready to go! :)

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