how to draw a moose clip art made from thick lines

Learn how to create a moose clip art that looks adorable using a short video and a four steps drawing lesson. I will show you how to sketch a simple template that will be used to form the character. Then, you will learn how to add all appropriate lines to end up with a cute and fun cartoon moose. Four legs animals are usually tricky to illustrate, but with the help of this tutorial, creating the perfect version quickly and easily will be quite easy.

How to draw a moose clip art

let's start with a short and fun video

Personally, I like to see the whole drawing process before proceeding with a tutorial. That's exactly what this short video is all about. You will have the opportunity to see it all in action before having the chance to draw this character yourself. More information can be found below in you also want to try the step-by-step lesson.

how to draw a moose clip art in four easy steps

Need more help? Excellent! Let's start this tutorial with the creation of a simple template made from basic shapes. Our goal is to work on the posture, the proportions as well as the location of the character in the working area. You will mostly need a few circles, squares and rectangles to complete this part of the drawing lesson.

How to draw a moose clip art

Once the template is created, it's time to use thick lines to draw the character itself. Antlers are large and bold. Small oval shapes are needed to create the eyes and the nose. A patch is drawn around the nose and a tiny tail is created from broken lines. Don't forget to use  straight lines to represent all four hooves.

How to draw a moose clip art

Good work! This is the cartoon moose once all gray lines (the template created in the first step) are removed. This wild animal looks lovely, but we can do better. Once easy step to enhance this illustration is to add some colors.

How to draw a moose clip art

Moose are mostly filled with brownish colors. For this particular illustration, a normal and saturated brown color is used for the head, the body and the legs of the character. The tail and the legs located on the back of the picture can be darker. Another darker colors is used for the hooves, the eyes and the nose. Finally, a bright version is added inside both antlers.

How to draw a moose clip art

Nice work! It's time to draw more cool cartoon moose!

Below you can see all steps required to illustrate this moose properly. If you want to go one step further and draw even more cool cartoon moose, you can start with this simple version made from squares. Another cute tutorial featuring a different character from a side view is also available. Finally, if you want a greater challenge, then you can try this moose filled with cool digital effects.

How to draw a moose clip art

Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

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