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how to draw a moon clipart using fun textures and lines

How to draw a moon clipart

Learn how to draw a moon clipart filled with small details in just minutes. Although this illustration might look a little complex at first, it's really quite simple to achieve. I will show you how to draw a few basic shapes to create a template and then, you will have the opportunity to add textures quickly and easily only using plain colors. Ready? Let's take a look at the first step now ...

A simple video on how to draw the moon

The first thing you can do is take a look at the short video located below to witness how this illustration was created. Then, simply scroll down a little bit to have access to the written version featuring more tips and more useful information. Yes ... drawing a moon as never been so fun! ;)

How to draw a moon clipart in four easy steps

Let's begin with the creation of a template made from subtle gray lines. Of course, this object is represented by a large circular shape. Four additional circles are added inside the cartoon moon. A few craters are added around the subject to create bumps. Nice work ... let's move on to the next step!

How to draw a moon clipart

Using the template drawn earlier, sketch the moon using thick lines. You can add a little bit of depth inside all four craters available inside the drawing using more curved lines. That's it for this step!

How to draw a moon clipart

This is the image so far once all gray lines are removed. Pretty cool, but still a little bit boring. Let's add colors to make this picture visually more interesting. No need to work with complex effects like gradient colors or transparency. We can make this cartoon moon beautiful by using only plain colors.

How to draw a moon clipart

A few simple steps are needed here. First, add a light gray color on all surfaces except the craters. Then, select two dark gray colors to be added inside the craters. Finally, complete this tutorial by drawing various shapes inside the moon. Shapes on the left must be darker while shapes on the right are brighter.

How to draw a moon clipart
How to draw a moon clipart

That's it! Time to draw more cartoon moons!

I hope you had fun drawing this cute moon clipart. Below you can see all steps required to create this image in minutes. If you want to try more versions of this cool subject, then you can try this moon featuring a facial expression or simply go for something visually more complex.

How to draw a moon clipart

More fun planets can be drawn below. Enjoy these additional resources and don't forget to practice as often as possible. Have fun! :)

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