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how to draw a moon clip art that glows in the dark

How to draw a moon clip art

Learn how to create a simple moon clip art that looks bright and visually interesting. I will show you how to draw this illustration using only a few basic effects that are easy to implement. No need to learn complex techniques or sketch difficult shapes.

Once you are able to illustrate this cartoon moon properly, feel free to try more versions created using various patterns, textures and visual effects.

step 1 - It's all about circles

First, you can draw a large circle to form the main shape of the moon clip art. You can use color gradients to make sure that the bottom is slightly darker and the top much brighter. Then, you can add a few circular shapes inside the subject using the same technique.

How to draw a moon clip art

step 2 - shadows and highlights to create depth

Next, draw two small curved lines on top of each circle to create a shadow. All these new shapes must be darker than the circle it is attached to. You can see these new shapes below (the ones with the green outlines).

You can repeat the same process, but this time all lines must be added below the circles. Also, these new lines must be filled with a brighter color. Our goal is to create highlights to give more volume to these craters (they are shown with a pink stroke below).

How to draw a moon clip art

step 3 - darker areas must also be drawn

All over this moon clip art, you can draw various shapes to create simple patterns (with the temporary pink outlines below). You can also sketch a long shadow on the left side of the illustration (with the temporary orange outline). A flat and perfect shape is not realistic, so these basic elements are mandatory to create a more realistic cartoon moon.

How to draw a moon clip art

step 4 - textures to increase the level of realism

We are not drawing a very realistic illustration here, but it is still important to add more details and textures so that we can end up with an image that looks visually appealing. For this step, simply draw several small lines all over the moon as shown below.

How to draw a moon clip art

step 5 - let's make this Moon clip art shine!

Inside the moon, draw a large white circle. Then, partially hide the bottom of this new shape. Next, create another circle that must be slightly larger than the moon. This new object must also be slightly brighter than the moon itself.

Finally, draw a large circle around the moon. This one can be filled with a very bright blue color. However, edges must be partially hidden so that we can end up with this "halo" effect found below.

How to draw a moon clip art

a nice moon made in just five easy steps

Here you go! A simple cartoon moon created mostly with circles and irregular shapes. These effects are pretty easy to implement if you are a little bit familiar with all tools found inside a vector application.

How to draw a moon clip art

Have fun experimenting!

It's now your turn to draw a beautiful moon using more shapes, more textures and more digital effects. You can even draw a large face inside the subject and create an adorable character.

How to draw a moon clip art

I hope you had fun with this adorable cartoon illustration. More fun tutorials can be found below. Remember to practice often and have fun drawing. :)

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