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Ok! I must admit that this is my favorite section! Monster drawings are so cool! This is one subject where you can let your imagination go wild! You feel like making a monster with five legs and one eye? Just draw it! Or even better! One with four arms, two heads and three legs? Yes! Just draw it!

The possibilities are endless!

Monsters have fascinated kids since the age of time. They are intriguing and scary. Ugly but original. Mean and harmless. It's a nice challenge to represent all of these qualities in a single drawing!

So if your head is filled with little demons or any other scary creatures, just take them out of there by drawing them on a piece of paper! We want to be scared too! 

Show us those nice monsters!

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your drawing will be approved:

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  • You can upload multiple images.
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your drawing and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all drawings submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form.

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

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For my husband William

This is,it's a PHOENIX! And also it is my own work and I am not satisfied with the outcome.

water slug 
its my own art work and i enjoy making my own art

This is a little drawing i did for this years Halloween, we don't really celebrate halloween in my country, but hey! Any excuse to draw bloody stuff :D …

Mr. GoogleEyes 
This is a silly cartoon with BIG ROUND eyes he is also a monster

this is godzilla king of the monsters

This is my dinosaur i did for home work (I know, odd!) I didn't get chance to colour it, but I'm still rather proud of it! I did the head a bit differently …

I name it the dragon of patience because it takes me around 2 hour to make it...

Octopus+Young Child=Crazy Creepy.

Even Ghosts can Love 
Drew this with crayola crayons. It is a blue ghost. The rose is for Mrs. Pacman. too bad she will just eat him. poor little ghost.

The Happy Dragon 
I drew it with a mechanical pencil. I have been drawing since I was 10, but that's not very long ago.

Fat Carl 
A complete creation of a cartoon from scratch in hour. I used Fireworks CS5.

a drawing of some technique stuff and behind that a weird bird.............. it isn't really a monster, I don't know what it could be

Digital Dinosaur 
Just playing around in photoshop. (:

Mont the Monster 
It looks like its done by a 3 year old!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Werewolf Cave 
The Werewolf's Cave is filled with human bones and skulls.

Shrew boy 
He is a very nasty man he has eating peeple.

Scary Shrew Shark 
It's a very scary it eats people

It take 30 min ,But It was really hard. And this was the first time for me to draw a monster and I'm just 13 years old. By Salma Ashraf(S.F.F)

This is Randy, he is a dinosaur.

a scary berrger creeture twas made by anathia a dark grl who makes some creatures who are feendish and hont people where they go everwyere they go and …

idiot dragon 
that is my idiot dragon.. he's so cute n very disgusting!

he's all bones. Pretty easy to shading tho cus skelitons are glowy. ;P

Pencil sketching -  
Hi, Myself Deepa. i love to doing pencil sketching , here my small piece of art. have just used 2b pencil and given shades . Regards, Deepa

Dark Gehgar 
This is a drawing of my ghost monster...hope you like it!

Monster Dino 
This is a Dinosaur and I made it Yah!! Just dont copy it k!!!

I'm not weird, I just look different 
um... this drawing is of a monster who is sure he is normal and thinks he is miss understood so hope u like it

Drawn on photoshop. This was drawn for my cousin.

Zombie Monster 
This is a very simple drawing that shows a very simple zombie. It was made with a rolling ball pen.

skull with horns and fire 
its a skull... with horns and fire... enough said.

I was doodling on photoshop and this is what I came up with. (:

Zombie at nigth 
Hello! My name's Ivan and I've had a lot of fun learning with this website. this is one of my first cartoons, it's done with microsoft Paint, I've always …

The fire bird!

Devilish Dude 
Just a little devilish dude with his pitchfork. I used a rolling ball pen to make it.

Trundle the Troll Not rated yet
I made this in my 45 minutes class, because I was bored and it just shows how passionate I am about drawing (already outlined with Photoshop)

MONSTER MAYHEM Not rated yet
Frankie and Amoura accept an invitation to a bonfire that the villagers are having, but soon regret it when they find out why they were invited!

skeleton Not rated yet
....haha..."skeleton" is in d cupboard.....:D

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