how to draw a monkey illustration

Learn how to create a simple monkey illustration using this fun tutorial featuring an adorable character that everyone can draw! Indeed, I will show you how to create a few basic shapes to visualize the shape and the posture of your cartoon animal. Then, you will learn how to draw this one using short curved lines. Finally, I will show you how to add colors and add some basic effects to end up with a cute illustration like the one found below.

How to draw a monkey illustration

a short video to learn how to draw this monkey illustration

Some people prefer to see it all in action. If it's your case, then this short video is definitely for you. The whole process used to create this character is shown. For those who need more information or simply want to take the time to sketch this character accurately, then a written version of this tutorial is available below.

How to draw a monkey in four easy steps

First, you can sketch a few basic shapes to form the character. Our goal is to visualize the posture as well as the space needed to sketch the monkey. A few large oval shapes are needed for the head. Rectangles are added to illustrate the body, the arms and the legs. The ears, the hands and the feet are done using small circles. A long line represents the tail.

How to draw a monkey illustration

Excellent! It's now time to draw a few lines to bring this cartoon character to life. Notice how the nose is created (one small oval shapes and two short lines) and the shape of both eyes. The character is holding a banana, so simply draw enough details to make this one easily recognizable. Patches are added inside the ears and on the chest of the cartoon monkey.

How to draw a monkey illustration

All gray shapes created in the first step are no longer necessary. You can erase them all. Once you are done, you should end up with something like this. It's pretty cool, but adding colors and a few simple textures can make a huge difference!

How to draw a monkey illustration

A dark skin color is applied inside the face, on the hands and the feet as well as inside the ears and on the patch located on the chest. A saturated brown color is needed on the forehead, on the ears, the tail, the body, the arms and the legs. A darker brown color is used for the nose and the eyes. For the banana ... well ... you know what to do! ;)

How to draw a monkey illustration

If you want to take this drawing to another level, you can do so by adding simple textures to it. First, you can draw short lines on all areas that were filled with the light brown color. Then, all parts that were filled with the skin color can be slightly darker on the bottom. You can see this effect added below the nose if you need a reference.

How to draw a monkey illustration

Time to draw more cartoon monkeys!

Feel like drawing more cool cartoon monkeys? Why not start with this original version featuring a monkey illustration made from squares. If you want to try a simple version, then this monkey made from circles is also a good option. For those who prefer to work with a more complex cartoon character, then you can try a monkey loaded with effects and holding a banana too. Have fun and don't forget to practice as often as needed. :)

How to draw a monkey illustration

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