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Submit Your Miscellaneous Cartoons

Your not sure in which section you should submit your drawing? Then, just upload it here, in the miscellaneous cartoons section! It can be anything! It can be a drawing about food, cars, computers or any seasonal event like Halloween or Christmas. 

Submit your miscellaneous cartoons

It can represent an object or it can be totally abstract! It can be done using a vector software, a pencil or oil painting. Like I said earlier, it can be anything! Just use your imagination and make a totally weird, out of this world "never seen before" sketching! Or just draw an object based on a popular subject and make it yours!

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your drawing will be approved:

  • JPG format only. Preferably optimized for the web.
  • Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your drawing in another section.
  • Submissions with no text (and only a picture) will be rejected. A description about your techniques, your work or yourself is really appreciated. This will make your submission more interesting for the visitors.
  • Review your submission to avoid typos.
  • You can upload multiple images.
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your drawing and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all drawings submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form. 

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors:

monster creation by aditya 
It is a creation of mine . the only art I got tattoo

These are tattoos of alien characters, self design and not seen anywhere

Just having fun....

Eagle with pen only 
Used a Micron .08.....

One Eye (CYCLOPE) Gangsta With A Spraycan. 
The phenomenon, which can be observed all over the world today, is called Graffiti Art. It all started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the turn of the …

Feeling at the moment 
This is an image I decided to draw because I was thinking of my father and girlfriends brother that has passed away. The top page shows both of their names …

Mail Man 
Wonder why dogs never liked mail men?

I, well, I just, uh, no comment.

Yep, its a Wizard.

Keys of Magic 
Just a dog...

Keys of Magic 
Keys of Magic....yep.

money bags 
Drawing of money bags

Xana recoded: Aelitha 
For my husband William

Pizza Man 
Waiting for a Pizza Bite

God is with in us. (Indian God's)  
I made this drawing just to show dat we're God's child and the power of God is one which is within us. We just need to analyse this power...

Drawing of butterflies 
I drew these butterflies from a book and uploaded them so I could color them on the computer. I have put them on pinterest page.

Flowers i drew 
I drew these flowers and upload to this site. Hope you like it. I will put it on pinterest like I do the others so others can see it.

Done using pastel

Italian baby 
Done using pastel

Done using pastel and charcoal

Tick Safety 
Aside from the regular greeting cards I do for a publisher, I do these Lyme disease cards for those suffering, I try to bring a smile to there face...even …

Indian Dance 
“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” …

Indian Music 
Indian Music...

Angel & Devil 
There is an angel and a devil within me, the one you see is the one you brought out. Kalyani Rajalingham

These are rockets. They can travel at high speed and destroy things.

This is a limousine for famous people.

alien in a barbershop 
one day alien come 2 the barber shop...and he just ask the barber for hair cut..barber shocked !!!....i just do this theme in flash...create characters …

Hang in there! 
Like most of my drawings, it started out on the pad with pen, I then scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. You'll be able to buy my cards under the name …

Head Of The House 
I left my pen on my paper while I went for a snack, and when I came back, this was there...............weird.

Micron .08 and Prisma oil pencils....

Pen, Tole Paint over laminate

Space Pets 
Pen and Paper

Enormous Orbs 
Pen and Paper

Feather Cats 
I hope everybody enjoys my feather cats. I wish somebody on different web sites could see this.

Jason Monroe 
friend of mine who wants a marilyn monroe pose

a friend who likes to work out, asked me to do a caricature with his dream, he uses it as motivation

Drawing of cats 
I like to draw from books and shirts and card and just wanted somebody to see what I could do. Gwen

I know, it sucks. Don't judge me xD

At the end of the Rainbow 
It was a myth if you go to the end of a rainbow you will find a leprechaun's pot of gold. In this drawing it is no longer a myth, but the truth. I hope …

Football Player 
Here is a Clemson football player. One day in school I didn't know what to draw. I heard boys in my class talking about football or something. So I drew …

This one is done using pastel

I love doing portraits especially when you see the person through the eyes of the drawing...this is done using charcoal.




Self portrait 

portrait done using pastel

my drawing is the best one i have done i am proud of it

This is the couple in the background of modern city xD 
NO matter what has been changed in the world,the only thing that doesn't change is the change,love.

fairy magic 
my drawing is magical burts of colours and my pencil just draws it i just hold tight of it !!!!!

Guardians Of The Way 
Pen, Paper and my imagination.

Depressing World 
I drew this when I was in a very dark place. :) I hope you find it some what amusing :)

Pencil Perceptions- I came I saw I wrote 
Through the Pencil Point' is an inspiration from lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'though not of that classic standard …

Look, Bubbles 
Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper

The Birth Of The First Grandchild 
July 2004 Abu Dhabi The Birth Of Mir Abdul Rafay- My first Grandson The expectancy and Birth of Mir Abdul Rafay-brought me a wealth of New Knowledge …

Blue Neon Night 
aint it a perfect night

Watercolour Fish :D 
Haha, its not a 'drawing' But, its a fish! XD

oranges with a wall paper in the background I hope you like it!!!!

My Rose 
I think roses are the beautifull flowers in the world.This is the picture of a rose which i drew using acrylic paints.

A badminton court 
Once there lived in a village 2 friends named james & gerald.Their favorite game is badminton.See...they are playing it

pinky is the toy of o little girl named sally but now she is all grown up and leaves pinky behind but what she doesn't know is that pinky and his freinds …

it is a weird skeleton that i drew

Custom Fender 
I had a white painted fender and got bored...

My Hand When I'm drawing 
It takes me 1 hour and it's not high quality so I don't know if u like it ,but I think it's not very good. I have to draw better. Because I want to be …

Love + Hate 
A loveheart with love on one side and hate on the other (what side are you on?)

Empty Inside 
Empty Inside

Cartoon Car 
Cartoon Car i drew didnt take me long great outcome.

Romantic Rose 
followed the rose tutorial added shadows and hearts...bam! there it is. ^.^

Opposites attract 
pretty random...very fun! Just followed some of this site's tutorials...and bam! this happened.

Angel Heart 
I sketched a little flying heart. I tried to make it look as good as i can. I hope you like it!!!

My first drawing of a Rose not to shabby any Tips?

guided missiles Not rated yet
the putin cartoon depicts his 'athletic' ability....the trump cartoon depicts mr trump as being so sure of himself winning the election

Tattoo art Not rated yet
This is a tattoo I drew. It is just a crazy tattoo dezine.

collage of my drawings Not rated yet
A collage of my drawings I did on the computer and I put it on Pinterest page.

Radu Not rated yet
In pastel

Lyme disease education Not rated yet
Aside from my regular greeting cards, I do these Lyme disease cartoons called Lyme Loonies. I have had Lyme disease going on four years, and I can tell …

Tick no zone Not rated yet
Aside from the regular greeting cards I do, I as well do these Lyme cartoons for those suffering from Lyme disease. I've had it going on four years, and …

Bar Farout Not rated yet
Pen and Paper

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Learn how to draw in minutes using fun e-books now!

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Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute images now!

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