Mime Convention

by Bill Harvey
(St. Clair Shores, Mi., USA)

Mimes are entertainers often dressed in berets, stripped shirts, suspenders....and they don't speak; they communicate through gestures, and motions or the hands and body. It's like climbing up an invisible rope or ladder.
So I took THAT idea, added the setting of a MIME convention, and the gag here is the group of mimes, so devoted to their MIME-ism way of thinking, react when confronted by, well, you can read the comic to see what I mean.
Gag writing can involve combining two seperate things into a small story, of in the case of a sngle-panel comic strip, into a snapshot.

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Jul 13, 2016
by: Martin

Thanks! Quite funny! One panel comic strips are harder to achieved in my opinion because so much can be involved in one single illustration. Nice work! :)

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