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how to draw a mermaid clipart using a fun lesson

How to draw a mermaid clipart

Learn how to draw a mermaid clipart that looks cute and adorable in just a few minutes. I will show you how to illustrate this fantastic creature quickly and easily using a short video lesson as well as a complete written tutorial.

This simple cartoon character is mostly made from basic shapes making it a charm to draw. These fictional characters are easy to work with if you are familiar with the human anatomy and the one from sea creatures. Ready? Let's start this lesson by having a look at the video.

A few minutes and we are done!

In less than five minutes, you can enjoy all steps required to sketch and draw a cute cartoon mermaid like the one found on this page. It's a good opportunity to see the sketching process in action. If you need more information, simply scroll down a little bit to learn more using the written version.

creating a mermaid clipart in four easy steps

Ready to draw? Great! Let's begin with the creation of a template mostly made from basic shape. It's time to experiment with proportions, postures and shapes. In this case, one hand is on the waist and the other one is opened facing the top of the illustration. Once you have a design that seems adorable, you can proceed to the next step: drawing the character using thick lines.

How to draw a mermaid clipart

For this particular character, you will need lots of long curved lines. Notice how the top of the bikini is created and the movement created by the shape of the hair. The tail is pretty basic, just like any tails you would find on a fish or a whale. Excellent! This cartoon mermaid looks lovely so far.

How to draw a mermaid clipart

Now that the character is drawn, we can erase all gray lines created in the first step (the ones used to form the template). For now, you should have something like this. It's a good version, but we definitely need to apply some colors to make this illustration even more appealing.

How to draw a mermaid clipart

For this tutorial, I have selected a few classic colors. The hair is red and the tail is filled with a light blue color. The top of the bikini is purple and the eyes are blue. Don't forget to draw a few simple lines on the tail to create basic textures.

How to draw a mermaid clipart

Have fun drawing more cartoon mermaids like this one!

I hope you had fun sketching and drawing this adorable creature.

How to draw a mermaid clipart

If you wish to try more lessons based on cute cartoon mermaids, then you can start with this one featuring a version made from round shapes. You can also try something a little bit more challenging featuring a character sitting from a side view. Have fun sketching your own versions filled with new postures, textures, shapes and colors. Just be creative and have fun! :)

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