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Drawing A Medical Cartoon instrument in six easy steps

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument In Six Easy Steps

Learn how to draw a medical cartoon instrument (in this case, a syringe) easily in this six step drawing tutorial. I will show you how to use the appropriated shapes to form the syringe. Then, you will also learn how to add simple effects like shadows, reflections and transparency to bring this simple illustration to another level.

The first steps are quite easy. The object will be created from basic shapes and lines. The sixth and last step is definitely the most challenging one. Adding these effects require more concentration. Just follow all steps carefully and you will be fine. Ready? Let's start with the first step now ...

building the object using basic shapes

First, let's work on the barrel using a large basic shape like a rectangle. This one must be narrow and long. Near the top of the object, draw a small triangular shape. This one can be flat on top. This is not the definitive shape of the object. We will polish the silhouette later in the tutorial.

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument

Next, add another small rectangle on top of the syringe to form the tip of the object. On the bottom of the image, a large oval shape can be drawn to represent the flange. Below this part of the object, another rectangle and oval shape are created to form the plunger. Great work! This medical cartoon is progressing nicely. :)

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument

It's now time to use all shapes drawn previously to polish the silhouette of the syringe. Notice how the tip of the object is now made from short curved lines instead of straight ones. The plunger is also made from a single shape instead of two.

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument

Inside the syringe, you can draw the rest of the plunger using more curved lines. The plunger tip (near the top of the illustration) is made from a rectangle. This new shape was also created from short curved lines. Make sure you study the shape of the plunger carefully. This one is rather unique. :)

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument

adding colors to this medical cartoon instrument

Syringes are usually filled with black, white and gray colors. As you can see below, the tip of the plunger is colored in black. The plunger itself can be gray. The barrel is also gray, but this color is slightly brighter. Notice how all outlines and strokes are now gray instead of black.

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument

It's time to really bring this illustration to life by adding simple effects. On the left side of the barrel, volume markings can be drawn using a blue color. Reflections made from white shapes (that are partially transparent) are added on the right side of the object.

Drawing A Medical Cartoon Instrument

Excellent work! Now that we are done with this fun lesson featuring a medial cartoon object, you can try more adorable tutorials below featuring images related to medical themes. Have fun and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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