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how to draw math cartoons using a fun character

How to draw math cartoons

Learn how to draw fun math cartoons using a simple board (with a simple problem) and a cute character designed to bring some joy! I don't know about you, but for me mathematics were a nightmare in school. I was not the brightest student in this class and it got worse when they start mixing numbers with letters (seriously? Can they work together?). Today, I don't need to use mathematics for my work. 

Sure, sometimes I need to use some numbers for basic projects, but I don't need to create complex problems to achieve my goals. 

step 1 - drawing the board and the character

Let's draw this amusing illustration using a few basic lines and circles. Before proceeding, study the posture of the character carefully. First, you can draw the body of the monster using a large rectangle. Then, you can sketch the eyes and the pupils using large circular shapes. The horns and the mouth are made from curved lines. You can also draw the arms and the feet using more curved lines as shown below. Finally, you can add a board and a stick using more lines made with pointed ends. 

How to draw math cartoons

step 2 - more details inside our math cartoons

On the board, you can draw a simple (or complex) equation using numbers and symbols. For this example, I went for something I could understand (just kidding ... maybe not!). Then, you can add some teeth on the left side of the mouth. On the right side, saliva can be seen. A large patch is added on the chest of the cartoon monster. Complete this step by drawing nails on the hands and the feet of the character. Good job!

How to draw math cartoons

step 3 - adding colors to enhance our work

Working on math cartoons doesn't have to be boring. Let's add some colors to bring life inside this picture. First, the board can be colored in blue. The monster is filled with a bright green color and both pupils are red. The horns and the patch on the chest are yellow and the nails are white. Finally, the saliva is blue and the stick is orange. Also, notice how outlines are filled with various colors instead of remaining black (which is also good, but mostly boring).

How to draw math cartoons

step 4 - working with color gradients to create depth

Color gradients are a nice tool that you can use to create depth inside an illustration. Simply add a darker version of the color you are working with on the bottom and you are done. For instance, you can see on the image below that the board is darker on the bottom and brighter on top. Repeat this technique on all shapes found inside this illustration.

How to draw math cartoons

step 5 - highlights to create more volume

Inside most parts found in this illustration, you can draw new shapes colored in white. These new elements must be partially transparent to create a subtle and realistic effect. In most cases, only the top part of the shape is visible. You can also slightly hide the left part of the shape you are working with and make the right one more visible.

As you can see below, these reflections are added on important areas like the pupils, the horns, the body, the patch on the chest and the board. More highlights are drawn on the saliva, the arms, the fingers and the feet. All pink lines are only used to help you locate these new elements in the illustration. You can see the final result later in this tutorial.

How to draw math cartoons

step 6 - shadows to complete this drawing lesson

Now that we have created brighter areas, it's time to create darker shapes to create cool shadows inside this cartoon monster. You can draw shadows on the bottom of the board, around the eyes, below the horns, on the chest, near the hands and fingers as well as below the feet. Once again, all these new shapes can be partially transparent so that we can end up with a subtle result.

How to draw math cartoons

that's it! This lesson featuring a simple math exercise is completed!

Now that all shapes, lines, colors, gradient fills, highlights and shadows are added, you should end up with a fun illustration like the one below. Of course, drawing math cartoons can feature any character you have in mind ... it doesn't have to be a green monster! As long as you are having fun drawing and that the result is appealing and filled with gorgeous effects, then you will be fine! Have fun learning mathematics like I did!

How to draw math cartoons
How to draw math cartoons

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