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How to draw funny cartoons
Fun e-books and royalty-free illustrations just for you!
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Submit Your Manga Drawings!

Manga drawings are everywhere. This industry is extremely lucrative in Asia. And I really think that anime and manga drawings (and cartoons) will become more and more popular in North America in years to come.

Their original physical uniqueness make them very likable. With their big eyes, small bodies and big heads, manga characters are absolutely adorable and enjoyable to watch for a cartoon lover. 

I must admit that I'm not very good at drawing manga characters. Hey! What can I say! We all have our own style! And unfortunately, manga and anime drawings are not a part of mine.

That's why I hope you will submit your most beautiful manga characters here! It will be a pleasure for me to watch how good you are... at something I'm not!

Have fun and happy submitting!

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your drawing will be approved:

  • JPG format only. Preferably optimized for the web.
  • Please make sure that your submission is relevant to this category. Otherwise, you might want to submit your drawing in another section.
  • Submissions with no text (and only a picture) will be rejected. A description about your techniques, your work or yourself is really appreciated. This will make your submission more interesting for the visitors.
  • Review your submission to avoid typos.
  • You can upload several illustrations. 
  • All submissions need to be approved before going live online. So it is useless to spam.

Thank you for sharing your drawing and don't be afraid to show your page to your friends!

Please note that all drawings submitted by you or by other artists are available below the submission form.

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors:

Excalber manga 
Its just a drawing of a upcoming manga I'm working on.

Haru x Ren 
Haru ❤ Ren

super saiyan Krillin 
based off of krillin from Akira Toriyama fanart art of him turning into a super saiyan took 2hrs with prismacolor markers and pencils.

Yumi Hina 
She is one of my random drawings or OC's

SAO- Asuna 
Decided to draw something from Sao, not perfect but thought others might like it

Cursed Man 
This is actually an original drawing of mine :) I hope you like it guys . I'll name him Akuma

One of my daughter's drawings

Yandere girl 
an original character of mine, and she is yandere.

Rin Kagamine...i suppose? 
This drawing was just kind of me searching for something to draw honestly. My friend really loves vocaloid, and she told me the girl I drew is actually …

OC: Yamakaze Honda 
Her name is Yamakaze Honda. She is just someone I created because I am into action and fighting animes :3

Sketch of Chii 
Its just the beginning

I made this manga eye on my own. Is it good????

Fairy Tail -Natsu Dragneel 
I just recently started drawing and this is my first colored one. Hope you like it^^

Ichigo Kurosaki # 5 
Hello. Here is my another drawing I decided to "upgrade" since having more time for drawing. I added colours using promarker colours and shading using …

Busty Harribel 
Hello, here is my first full body drawing of beatiful, yet deadly and powerful Tres Espada Tier Halibel from Bleach series. Hell it took like two weeks …

Madara uchiha

The Pianist 
My drawing is all about a girl who dreams to become a "pianist"...well it doesnt represent about me but I actually draw this to one of my close friend …

Kenna Bolt 
Still learning how to draw my self-based oc! Enjoy!

Created with tea and coffee

Wedding Cake design  
This is one of my designs for a wedding cake created with tea and coffee

Anime Creation  
This was something I had an idea for something that was in an anime style and the end result is what was made up in my head. I used water colours for this …

The Joker  
This is a simple drawing created by using pencil and some felt tip for the eyes and lips. Inspired by the great Jack Nicholson

The Gorgeous Halibel 
Hello, here is my latest drawing of gorgeous, powerful and deadly arrancar Tres Espada Tier Halibel from Bleach series. I started drawing it on paper size …

Tres Espada Tier Halibel 
Greetings, people. My first drawing of well known tres espada, Tier Harribel. This was my very first time drawing her. Also my first time using Promarker …

Ichigo Kurosaki Tensa Zangetsu 
Since it has been like five to four years from last time I draw manga/anime, I decided to test my skills and came up with this as a result. It took three …

Ichigo Kurosaki # 3 
Hello, people. I have been so busy these days that I havent got any time to draw. When however happened to be a rainy day I decided to star this habbit …

Ichigo Kurosaki # 2 
Another of my old works I decided to shade in order to test my shading skills. Done with B2-strong pen. Hope you people like it. Comments are welcome and …

meeting with the Giant pirates

His name is CHOP. Don't mess with CHOP.

Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire) 
I drew this because I was bored and, I guess that's it...

anime girl 
it is my sketch

Sting Eucliffe 
Sting is my favourite character of all time so I decided to draw him.

meep meep...MEEP :) 
my picture is uploaded and i never uploaded anything before so i'm not sure if you can see it but if not, my picture is a girl with black hair and a red …

Hatsune Miku 
Miku is one of my favorite vocaloid so i decided to draw her~..hope ya like~ >.<

angry natsu 
Natsu is gonna (hurt) somebody

Freezing activated 
Its a main charater for a manga I am making

Sasuke with aoda.. 
I like Aoda very much because of his devilish look. So i thought of making him with his master #Sasuke-sama

Water Girl 
I looked in a fashion magazine for her costume and hairstyle, and the aquatic color scheme was one I chose from pictures of Lake Erie, as well as from …


Masquerade unmasked 
Just a character I made up. His name is Masquerade, and this is the last we see of his face before hiding it from a world that has denounced him If you …

Crying anime girl  
Here is my drawing of a heartbroken anime girl, i used ink, pencils and paints for this drawing

Aang (The last airbender) 
The last airbender has been a favorite show of mine from childhood, so here is my drawing of Aang, i have used ink and pencils for this drawing.

Ryuk and L painting  
I have loved death note for a long time and i thought why not pay tribute to the show and paint Ryuk and L. I decided to use black, grey and white for …

Random Drawings! ^_^ 
Just some random sketches :3

Rise of the demons 
My superhero is not exactly a super hero . He is a boy whose destiny is to take his revenge . The name of my hero is ''Satan'' . He has little more power …

Sketch I Did Laste Year (Warrior) 
One of my characters, who i might use in a story :)

A drawing i did a while back on paint... 
she looks kinda pudgy here to me O.o. But i did it on the computer so... be nice :D

Indian Beauty 
Nickname: Kally.... Origin: Indian origin(but I'm from Montreal)....

The Artist 
Nickname: Kally.... Origin: Indian origin (but I'm from Montreal).....

Kakashi Sensi 
I drew a picture of kakashi from Naruto

Dark Magician 
The dark magician with both black magic and white magic at his disposal

Death - Second Rider of the Apocalypse 
This is my second Female version of a rider of the apocalypse, this time is death, i hope you like it.

War - rider of the apocalypse 
This is my Female version of WAR, one the riders of the apocalypse, i hope you like it, and i am also looking foward to knowing your opinion, thanks

i am presenting another drawing, as the previous ones, it has been done using a bamboo tablet, i'd really appreciate your comments on it thanks.

naruto and sasuke 
naruto and sasuke

Kazuka the demon 
My character i made. As you can tell my art style is inspired by dbz art style.

Lyna and Mina  
Two more creations of my own, the title are their names, using the bamboo tablet i managed to create this colored drawing, i'd like you to tell me, what …

I love manga and anime as well, and this drawing was made for a friend of mine she asked me to draw a manga version of her(*__*) she's a article writer. …

First Love 
im 13 and i just like artwork,although it took me 1 hour to draw it looks great.

Girl or Boy? 
One of my recent drawings. Can you tell me, does he/she look like a boy or a girl?

its a demon

Female Warriors  
I just got a Bamboo tablet and they are what i got when i was done with the drawing. hope you like it.

Manga girl 
I was in my room thinking about a girl And suddenly i took a pencil and a sheet of paper and the result this drawing ..Hmph ! Hope she'll see it one day …

jkt48,first sister group outside in japan. indonesia

Girl with a Ribbon 
well, i just got motivated and she was the first idea that's come to mi mind, hope you like it.

Chibi Darkstalkers 
Well, since the moment i saw a character like this i wanted to try it myself , so i did, and these girls are my favorite ones, perhaps i am just missing …

Good and evil 
one of my main characters, i wanted her to have her both sides.

Dark Alice In Wonderland 
A dark Alice In Wonderland I drew with my Bamboo tablet. A little amateur I admit, but hey. I'm 13! Tell me what you think, what I can improve on?

I drew this when I saw a picture that said "Teddy bears don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you have. Need some opinions on it pwease =^_^=

Uncoloured Girl 
Done to experiment with different pens

I love dragons!

Chapter 6 =The chocolate princess has come, another chaos has awakened= 
I really wanted to have my own manga published but the only problem is...- I cant seem to finish every other scenes and chapters!!! >.< so i just end …

My Manga dawings 
I like to use pen or pencil , and pastel for drawing!

Apples and Grapes  
Just a picture i draw when i was in 9th just wanna have some second person views on how is and what i can do to improve

peace love 
this is officialy my first anime drawing...wanted it to share ^_^

Sexy girl 
well, a friend of mine asked me to draw something sexy, but i never thought i would come out like this, hehe i hope you like it.

sad lonely girl 
hello der...dis in another of my drawing... thank you mayuri :)

Girl in Priestess Outfit 
I originally drew this in pencil, then traced over in ink. I scanned it and erased any mistakes that I noticed, and then I added the screen tones and …

i love anime and orihime is one of my favorite characters along with ichigo from the show bleach. i loved to do this picture to see how far could i go …

Younger Version of Rollbinder

Kei by Melvin.55 
I just tried to draw Kei when I'm so bored.And I didn't expected that it'll be the result of my boredom.

anime guy 
hello, m MAYURI... dis is my latest drawing ...i found him on top 25 anime guy list nd decided to draw him ... later i found he is a very popoular character …

Modern Day Digital Artist 
I don't know. I just doodled a random person and then ta-daaaah! Done in Paint Tool Sai and a small tablet :P (the one in the picture, haha)

i drew it long time ago and i hope you like it

kobato chan 
dis is kobato chan from d anime "KOBATO" ..i hv tried my best to make it look good...but sorry for the disturbing lines neway! :(

cute anime girl 
hello every one ...dis drawing is my very own creation... totally made by me .m a non artist, but i love to learn nd observe things, which have helped …

sakura kinomoto 
hello...she is sakura kinomoto from d series CARDCAPTOR SAKURA or ccs in short... this was d first evr anime i saw ..nd i loved her since my childhood …

fallen angel 
I was bored so i just started drawing what i felt(:

Evil clan 
more characters that i've invented, i hope you like this submmition

Another Addition From Reda Kambal 
This my latest drawing(on computer).

Follow up on Rollbinder 
Two posts, same day.

Follow up on Rollbinder 
This is another picture that I made some time ago, but never had the chance to post. I have many more, but resizing them is a pain

lost in thoughts 
a drawing by me...hope everyone will like this one...plz comment...

Hope you like this one, i've drawn two of my main characters

War Godess 
This is a sample of one of my OC's (Original Character) :D i love how i did her eyes and her outfit! XD I'd post the whole body but i don't know how to …

Warrior Out of Sight :) 
My artwork Is amazing, and I would LOVE showing it to peple. Here it is. Its me

Starcy ( that's my character's name) 
HEllo once again, here's another character i invented, hope you like it

deadly beauty 
Here's another character i've invented, i am working on a story if someone would like to help me, please let me know.

sweet star girl❤ 
i was very i draw it,i almost use half hour to finish this drawing.hope you like it。

Eye See You 
using my bamboo pen

It's one of my first, SO BE NICE! This is when I first got into manga.

I like it, but it's not my best.

my manga's lead character 
this is my manga's main character

i was in class and started drawing .this is what came out this was drawn on 2007 .

Blonde Guy.. =D 
Been a few yrs since I last drew with this style...Didn't take me too long though, and thoroughly enjoyed it..definitly getting back into it!! Hope you …

inspired by Mandy (:

Gurl With Sword :) 
i love drawing so i drwe it (:


i am 11 almost 12,i drew this picture when i was 10.the picture is me.

Well I put this together after watching "Romeo X Juliet" and thought i should draw something like this, I think the look on her face shows the emotion …

delvis 1st 
wwell its ma first anime drawing idk if its any good please comment me!!

bleach character =] 
she is from a show called bleach . very nice .

Tony Nite 
Name: Tony Nite Age: 14 Gender: Male Species: Human Occupation: Bounty Hunter Weapon of choice: Mechanical Arm Specializes in: Random

A picture of the main characters of my manga, BOUNTY. It is a story of a 14-year old boy named Tony Nite and his friends, who are all bounty hunters and …

that would be me but if i were a furry animal

Elf fantasy 
female elf

Hellsings Alucard (anime and manga) 
Well dis is a picture of Alucard from hellsing and it is all hand drawin no copying... I no dat it ain't dat good but i woz bored wen i drew it lol....beaware …

Cute Manga Girl 
I traced the outside and filled all the detail in by hand and then dititalized it in a program called gimp!

Natsuko is a character I have created. She, obviously, has a story behind her. Natsuko was left, in Fountain Hills Arizona on May 22, a very very long …

Chibi Mouse  
My drawing of the Chibi Mouse is really simple. I did it by first looking at a real mouse then I used circles and simple shapes to create a chibi out of …

A Beggar 
This is a beggar who lives in kottayam town in kerala, India.He can't walk properly as he is having wounds on his both legs.He is staying alone & doesn't …

A Girl And Pet 
Well...I started of witha bo But then I thought u could add more detail to a girl and i gave her a cute backpack and pet!!

A Girl ( 2 ) 
This time i colored it with Adobe Photoshop 7.0

A Girl 
It take 5 min from me. And i draw it fast. I hope u like it. By: Salma Ashraf(S.F.F)

Manga Girl by Sally.Frotti.Flower 
This is one from the best. I know it's not very good but, Iwish u all like it . A Word from Sally

Targeting samu 
Another year ago picture i did, someone was throwing weapons at samu. lol!

Shamrock vs Greg ciper 
this is a year ago pic of a side view of two rivals. :]

Realistic Guy  
Umm.. I drew from a step by step tutorial .. I think it turned out pretty well.

Manga version of them again :) and some of my favorite songs by them <3 TVXQ Soul

DBSK MANGA Version :) 
My manga drawing of the amazing DBSK :)

hero of the night 
this is my hero picture no one copy

here is another of my creation enjoy it!

chibi hinata 
i tried my best i hope you like it please comment XD!!

Blue Girl  
Its a blue haird girl that i drew and colored mysellf her skin is a bit red but its not that bad i used copics and they are fun to color with its a real …

kakashi hatake 
one of fave drawing.. i made this for my friend.

The Guy with a Tattoo 
This tattoo guy was actually the brother of Shang. Honestly,it is my story and my own making of the characters...Hope you like it...

My drawing is about the lonely warrior named "Shang". She likes to wear black and she gazed with a sharp and lonely eyes most of the time. She actually …

X-99 by clamp 
its an anime by clamp.. yet dont know the story. its just my art.

Red Haired Anime 
I thought i would try my hand at colouring this time... and here is the result! :)

First Anime pic 
erm... this is my first attempt at drawing anime :s

Its a pretty simple drawing and im not sure if this is anime but I think she looks cute! :)Tips on how to make her 'more anime' would be apriciated, thanks... …

hope you like it i only drew it yesterday!!!

Kingdom hearts. 
Im 14 and i drew this real quick cause i was bored and it's Namine holding a sword (masamune) lol it must be heavy eh?

dooms day 
i was doing a story line for "origin: the story of samansa-sama". this is her father trying to send her to planet earth.(btw she is inside the spacepod …

This is the basic design for my character of my upcoming book, Aurora Remnant by J. W. Knight

fists of fury 
i learnt to draw this the way i wanted it after many attempts and now i am finally happy with the result. I hope to draw many others like this in the future. …

Randow drawing 
I made this out of boredom

this was done yesterday,long time since i took up my pencil and start drawing.i think it was quite badly done,since i am bad at drawing whole body and …

My Own Creation 
this was done in my class when the teacher was teaching maths,i dont like study so i thought of testing my own skills without help of picture to copy from... …

this was done the same time as few other i post before

this was a drawing i did long ago when i was addicted to drawing

urahara kisuke 
another one done long ago the hat looks weird though

Grimmjow from bleach 
my 1st attempt on drawing manga character,grimmjow from bleach.hope to get some advice and tips on draw manga characters,since i took 1 hour to finish …

How I will draw a night elf! 
It's the first time I try to make one of these, so it isn't so good?

Sleep well... 
Just a drawing for a friend of mine for her birthday :) I didn't know what to give her so I made this :)) hope you like it!

The Lava girl 
I was inspired by DBZ and an another echii anime

Chibi Boy 
This is my first chibi drawing using the GIMP software. I know it needs a LOT of help, so any pointers? Thanks for the help!

I drew this by hand, took a picture, put it on my computer, then edited it.

I am currently trying to make my own comic. I am hoping to take it far one day. Rollbinder is just one of the many villain characters in it. I drew this …

Havildar bablu 
This is havildar bablu..He is on his way back to home.He has purchased things from supermarket..Now he is waiting at the bus stop..

Biro doodle! 
Just a doodle... done in blue biro on the back of some random french sheet... XD

Big Blue Eyes 
This is a pic that i drew on the computer, I gave her really big blue eyes, and long hair. It took me about half an hour to draw :)

Step to wonderland 
This drwing was done couple months ago by me. All original and no copying. It was of a human version of the rabbit that came out in Alice in wonderland …

school girl 
This is just somthing i did in 10 min out of bordom in the hospital

This is my first time doing anything like this so sorry if therez any problems :S its a realy old drawing too *smile* Hope you like it!!! ps.give …

My First Manga Drawing..... 
At the very begining it wasn't even supposed to be manga and I'm not sure if it is....I drew it with colored pencils and then scanned it . I know that …

My first manga style drawing 
This drawing took me about 2 hours. It is my first manga style drawing. Hand drawn and scanned in. Hope you all like it :)

Apples and Grapes  
Just a picture i draw when i was in 9th just wanna have some second person views on how is and what i can do to improve

Two girls... 
I drew this pretty quickly yesterday, the only thing thats annoying me is the hands! I cant get them right! Can anybody help me? Mine kind of look like …

Quick doodle during maths class. LOL 
this was a quick doodle i did in maths class. Everyone was looking at my paper instead of concentrating on the lecture. LOl it is even on school refill …

Anime girl  Not rated yet
This was one of my earlier drawings

Busty Halibel Not rated yet
Hello, here is my first full body drawing of beatiful, yet deadly and powerful Tres Espada Tier Halibel from Bleach series. Hell it took like two weeks …

Ichigo Kurosaki # 4 Not rated yet
Hello. Here is my another drawing I decided to "upgrade" since having more time for drawing. I added colours using promarker colours and shading using …

Hero Not rated yet
macho pirates walks away

CHOP Not rated yet
His name is CHOP. Don't mess with CHOP.

Itachiissss Not rated yet
Itachi Draw by Melx.please accept my work for me....

Mikoto MInagi.!  Not rated yet
This is Mikoto in Mai Hime Series, This is my first time. XD! sorry for the ballpen sketches.

.....Indian God "Ganesha"...<3 <3..... Not rated yet
....mah 1st dulse painting....

Kakashi Hatake From Naruto Not rated yet
I always watch naruto so I thought I would do this hope you enjoy its a real photo so if it don't look very good sorry

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