How to Make Your Own Comic Strip

How do you make your own comic strip that will be successful and interesting? Making a comic strip isn't really difficult. 

You just need to be aware of every aspect of the creation and make sure you don't skip a step that could jeopardize the quality of your work!

1. Find the right subject

The first step is to find the right subject. Just make sure your creation is original and appealing to your readers.

You must also find a subject or a situation that you are comfortable with. After all, if you are successful and your comic strip turns into a daily one, you'll need to find lots of ideas in order to be able to provide enough material to your readers! 

If you hate the subject or the theme of your cartoons, this will be a long and painful adventure!

2. Use the right format

Do you want to create a graphic novel? A daily comic strip? A manga? In this stage, you need to make sure that the subject of your creation will fit with the format you choose. 

A funny graphic novel is indeed original, but will it be interesting and relevant?

3. Brainstorm

It's time to find ideas to make your own comic strip. If you are not able to create enough material for a couple of books (or several 3 panels comic strips) then maybe the subject of your comic strip isn't inspiring enough for you!

And you better found out now! It's now fun to create one or two books just to realize that after all, this wasn't the right subject for you!

4. Choose your techniques

Do you want to draw with a pencil and some ink? Do you prefer do use a computer? Or maybe be more creative and do some collage or any other artistic method? 

Whatever the technique you use, feel free to experiment.

You might end up with a unique look and feel for your cartoons that will add some value and sex-appeal to your creation!

5. Do some test and validate

Now that you found the perfect subject, choose the right format, brainstorm some neat ideas and selected the right technique, it's time to make some test! 

And after you created a few pages just to see if everything works fine, don't hesitate to show your work to others. 

Make sure you are comfortable about showing unfinished work to your relatives or friends. After all, you don't want to let someone enjoy your work... and steal it from you!

Once you have gathered all the comments from others, just take the time to see what works and what doesn't. And don't be afraid to take bad comments. They are the most valuable ones! 

On the other hand, good comments are fun to receive. But they don't help you go one step further. 

Being challenged is the best way to push our own limits and become better!

6. The final revision

Now that you received all these comments from others, try to polish your work as much as possible.

Is it fun to read? Are all characters relevant and bringing something interesting to the story? 

Could it be shorter or longer? Does it have a good rhythm? Remember that it's better to have a 32 pages comic strip that is clean, written properly and straight to the point than trying to make a 64 pages comic strip that is too long and boring to read. So it's time to make your own comic strip!

Quality is more important than quantity. Always.

7. Distribute your work

Now it's time to choose how you will distribute and sell your work! There are many alternatives and it's now pretty easy to be your own publisher. 

What's more difficult is to bring enough traffic to your website to sell your book and make money out of it. But that should be the subject of another article!

Now you know how to make your own comic strip works! Enjoy and have fun!

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