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how to draw a magpie clip art using subtle colors

How to draw a magpie clip art

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a magpie clip art in just six easy steps. I will show you how to add simple effects like shadows and reflections using basic shapes. If you can draw this character using a vector application, then succeeding at this lesson will be much easier. Of course, all tips can still be used whether you are using other drawing tools like pencils or paint. Ready? Great! Let's start this tutorial featuring a cute cartoon magpie ...

Working on the silhouette of the animal

First, you can draw a few basic shapes to help you draw accurate proportions. The head is made from a small circle while the body is created from a large oval shape. The tail is done using a short rectangle. Next, use these shapes to create the silhouette of the animal. You can also draw the beak and the eye. Complete this step with the creation of the leg. Once you are finished with this step, you can erase all gray shapes.

How to draw a magpie clip art

adding simple details

Inside the cartoon magpie, draw a few simple details. First, you can sketch a small line on top of the beak. Patterns made from long curved lines are drawn on the body and the wing. Finally, you can draw on additional feather below the tail as well as the second leg. 

How to draw a magpie clip art

time to play with colors

Adding colors is an important step if you want to end up with an appealing character. Using gradients is also quite relevant to create more depth easily. For example, the wing below is much darker near the body and brighter near the tip. Use the same technique on all shapes located inside this illustration.

How to draw a magpie clip art

Creating beautiful shadows

All shadows created in this step are made from solid shapes filled with dark colors. You can also play with the opacity of these new elements so that shadows can look subtle and soft. Usually, one end of the shadow will be partially visible while the other is completely invisible.

You can draw shadows around the eye, below the neck and on the body. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a magpie is almost completed! :)

How to draw a magpie clip art

adding the final touch ... highlights!

In the previous step, dark shapes were drawn to create more depth. In this step, new shapes are brighter and designed to illustrate a little bit of reflection. Just like shadows, highlights are added to give more volume to the character. You can sketch these new elements on the beak, the pupil, the head, the wing and the tail.

How to draw a magpie clip art

nice work learning to draw a magpie clip art

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a magpie clip art like the one found below. Don't hesitate to draw more versions using your own style. You can also try new patterns, new colors, new textures or simply draw new postures.

How to draw a magpie clip art
How to draw a magpie clip art

Now that we are done with this cute animal, you are invited to try more cute animals from the same series here. Just have fun experimenting! :)

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