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Learn to Draw Objects using easy and fun tutorials

Learn To Draw Objects Using Easy And Fun Tutorials

It's a good thing to know how to draw a person, but it's also important to learn to draw objects so that your character won't walk around with nothing to interact with! In this section, I will show you how to draw nice digital objects to enhance the quality of your projects!

The environment in which your character evolves is really important. Very often, the places you choose to depict can set the mood in a positive or a negative way. They almost become like a quiet, silent character.

It's also important to draw accurate and believable objects! If your character is designed with charm and filled with details, but the objects are boring and hard to recognize, your comic strip won't be a success for sure! Imagine your baseball player holding a ball that looks like a balloon! Not really convincing! So get ready to learn how to draw nice (and believable) objects easily in this part of the website!

Time to sit down!

A good sign that knowing how to draw the things around us is important is the fact that this chair tutorial is one of the most popular drawing lesson on this site. This simple object is quite easy to create using mostly rectangles and squares.

Perspective is created by drawing front legs and back ones on a different level. The illusion of perspective is also added in the last step by adding more layers using long and thin rectangles.

You can use the video found below or scroll down a little bit to enjoy the step-by-step version of this simple lesson. More cool video tutorials featuring more objects (as well as many other topics) can be found on my Youtube channel.

Learn to draw objects : chair

Not very appealing, but also quite important!

Some objects don't have the same "prestige" when it comes to creating cartoon images. A toilet or a bathtub are definitely not the most interesting objects to illustrate. For this example, you can work on a bathtub made from a simple oval shape.

Make sure that the long curved line drawn below the object is accurate and feel free to add some simple effects (like color gradients, highlights and shadows) to end up with a more realistic result.

Learn to draw objects : bathtub

Looking for a real challenge? Try this guitar!

Don't be fooled by the apparent complexity of this drawing lesson. Once you are able to sketch the bottom part of the guitar accurately, adding all these little details should be relatively easy. Take your time and study this shape carefully before proceeding.

In the last step, you will notice that color gradients were added to give more depth to the illustration. Some reflection was also added on all black areas found on the guitar.

Learn to draw objects : guitar

A simple phone filled with simple effects

Cool! Let's learn to draw a much simpler object now. This phone is mostly made of a large square, a long oval shape and several small circles. Perspective and depth is created by adding various layers of grey colors on the phone itself (see the last step).

Do you want to go one step further? Simply add all numbers on the buttons and draw more shadows and highlights to create even more volume inside this basic illustration.

Learn to draw objects : phone

Another simple object drawn with tricky shapes

At first, a pair scissors might seem like an easy object to create. It's true that it's only made of two simple rectangles and two small oval shapes, but there are a few details to be aware of. First, the shape of the blades (either on top or near the bottom) is quite particular.

Both handles are also drawn very detailed curved lines. Once you are familiar with all these unique shapes, then creating realistic scissors will be a fun and easy task!

Learn to draw objects : scissors

shadows are everything ...

This pillow is also a fun object to learn to draw. You can easily notice that this lesson is about a cartoon pillow from step three and beyond. However, the last three steps are also important to give more credibility to the illustration. 

Adding color gradients and shadows can make a huge difference, especially when working with simple objects. The level of details you are choosing to add can have an impact on the readability of your subject.

Learn to draw objects : pillow

Let's learn to draw a cute cartoon watch now!

If you can draw circles and rectangles, then you can easily create a simple watch like the one shown below. Once again, it's all about drawing accurate proportions. All numbers must also be aligned properly if you want to end up with a perfect cartoon watch!

Learn to draw objects : watch

More objects are waiting for you!

Good news! We are not done yet! Several more objects like the ones found above are available to draw. Most of these tutorials are relatively easy, but others are filled with great challenges for those hoping to learn to draw more complex objects. 

Enjoy! :)

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