Learn to Draw Objects

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It's a good thing to know how to draw a person, but now it's time to learn to draw objects so that your character won't walk around with no objects to interact with! In this section, I will show you how to draw nice objects to enhance the quality of your projects!

The environment in which your character evolves is really important. Very often, the places you choose to depict can set the mood in a positive or a negative way. They almost become like a quiet, silent character.

Learn to draw objects

But it's also important to draw accurate and believable objects! If your character is designed with charm and filled with details, but the objects are boring and hard to recognize, your comic strip won't be a success for sure! Imagine your baseball player holding a ball that looks like a balloon! Not really convincing! So get ready to learn how to draw nice, recognizable objects easily in this part of the website!

Here are all drawing lessons featured in this series:

A few simple tips to learn to draw nice objects!

Very often, objects are harder to draw simply because shapes need to be accurate and realistic. When you draw a cartoon character, you can cheat and sketch a large head or a hand with four fingers, but it's harder to cheat if your try to represent a chair or a car. 

Of course, you can be creative and draw a car with weird shapes, but it is usually easier to duplicate organic illustrations like animals or people.

Perspective. The most difficult to achieved.

While drawing a cartoon character may not require using depth in your illustration, learning to draw objects might be more challenging because you might need to use perspective at some point. 

Don't worry! You don't need to master everything there is to know about perspective to create a cool drawing, but learning a few simple rules about perspective can be really helpful.

Going a little bit further and adding special effects.

What I like about images like the lamp above is the possibility to create special effects in my illustrations. It is so rewarding to add a nice lighting effect, a good shadow or simply create fantastic smoke above a chimney using a vector software. 

Special effects are easier than ever to create now. Most vector application are able to come up with simple effects instantly and most drawings are immediately better with just a few simple clicks!

It's now time to learn to draw cool objects using the list below. Don't hesitate to try more than one objects. Versatility is the key!

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