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Learn How to Draw Misc Images filled with cool effects

Learn How To Draw Misc Images Filled With Cool Effects

In today's world, you can learn how to draw beautiful vector illustrations quickly and easily using all the powerful tools available in these applications. Sketching and drawing realistic and visually appealing images is definitely easier than ever!

Of course, you still need to have some basic drawing abilities to come up with a fun illustration. However, done are the days when cool images with amazing gradient fills and transparency effects needed to be done by a professional armed with professional airbrush tools and pricey accessories. 

Don't hesitate to try more than one tutorial. All these lessons are unique and contain useful tips and techniques that can be applied to create different images. Some are easier to draw while others are more technical and complex to create.

No doubt that this section is for advanced users. Anyone can learn from these tutorials, but if you are already know a thing or two about vector drawing you will have a huge advantage. If you are a beginner, maybe learning a few basic techniques or trying some easier tutorials could be a good idea too. 

Have fun!

starting with a simple ladybug filled with a bright red color

For this first example, you can learn how to draw a beautiful ladybug created from circular shapes and filled with basic shadows and highlights. Drawing the insect itself is relatively easy. Simple draw a large oval shape for the body, small and thin rectangles for the legs and add more circles to form the eyes and the patches.

Then, add some colors (mainly red and black) inside your illustration. Finally, draw a long shadow on the left side of the body and additional shapes on the patches and on the back to create reflections and highlights. It's easy and very effective!

You can try the video version or the step-by-step lesson found below. More video tutorials like this one are also available on my Youtube channel.

Learn how to draw misc images - ladybug

drawing a realistic cactus in just nine simple steps

This basic image of a cactus is another cool example of a subject that is easy to learn how to draw, but still offers some challenges when it comes to adding simple digital effects. First, you can draw the plant and the pot using only straight and curved lines. All small spines are made from little stars.

Inside the cactus, draw some stripes using two colors to create a first level of depth. Small shadows are also added behind all spines. A large white oval shapes is also added on the subject to create reflection. All these small details are adding a high-level of depth and volume to the picture.

Learn how to draw misc images - cactus

a nice vulture filled with depth and shadows

Even the darkest and most terrifying characters like vultures can be filled with bright colors and highlights if you are searching for a good level of realism. In this case, all these small shadows are needed to separate the wings from the body and the tail from the legs. Don't forget to add bright shapes on top of the forehead and above the wing to create even more realism.

Learn how to draw misc images - vulture

let's try a simple object drawn with perfect shapes

Technical images can also be fun to illustrate when it comes to working with vector applications. In this case, you can learn how to draw a basic lawn mower sketched with perfect circles, rectangles and other irregular shapes. Adding reflections and highlights is even more important to make this solid object bright and shiny.

Of course, all the tips learned here can be used to create all the objects you can think of.

Learn how to draw misc images - lawn mower

a beautiful tree filled with cool details and textures

Why twelve steps to illustrate a simple tree? Because this one is loaded with small details inside the trunk and around the branches to help you draw something even more realistic in just a few minutes. Finding the perfect balance between too much details and just enough can be difficult. I think this picture is a good example of a drawing that is featuring just enough details to be credible.

Learn how to draw misc images - trees

You can learn how to draw more fun images here!

Learn how to draw more fun images featuring cool animals, characters, objects, plants, vehicles and flowers below. Remember that all these illustrations are featuring various challenges that are fun to try and experiment. The more you draw complex images, the easier it will get sketching basic ones.

These techniques can be applied everywhere. Just be creative and practice as often as needed to become an expert in the field of digital illustrations. ;)


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