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Learn How to Draw Cartoons featuring adorable places

Learn How To Draw Cartoons Featuring Adorable Places

In this section, you will learn how to draw cartoons (places and backgrounds) filled with beautiful digital effects. Creating a nice setting for your illustrations is pretty important if you don't want to end up with an image or a comic strip filled with nice characters ... and poor backgrounds.

The environment in which your character evolves is quite important. Very often, the places you choose to depict can set the mood in a positive or a negative way. They almost become like a quiet, silent character. A nice environment can be visually more interesting than the characters themselves!

I will show you how to draw places that are useful, beautiful and colorful. Drawing a nice background isn't too difficult to achieve, but adding some nice shadows and lighting effects can be more complicated and challenging.

So get ready to learn and prepare your pencil right now. Drawing a background is not the most exciting thing to do, but you don't really have a choice. Otherwise, your character will be alone in a big empty white space. Not really cool.

A cute cartoon house to begin with

First, you can try this simple video lesson featuring a cool cartoon house. More video tutorials filled with various places can also be found on my Youtube channel. These simple lessons are perfect to start working on cool areas quickly and easily.

Now let's play with water ... just water!

The ocean ... such a cool place to relax! Drawing realistic water can be difficult if you don't know how to proceed. In this tutorial, you can see how sketching a simple image loaded with water can be done using mostly irregular shapes made from curved lines.

Indeed, you won't find color gradients, shadows or any other transparent object in this illustration. All effects are made using solid shapes filled with plain colors. Nothing else! :)

Learn how to draw cartoons (Places) - Ocean

Building a school one brick at a time

If you can draw a square or a rectangle, then you can definitely sketch a beautiful cartoon school like the one shown below. Several small squares are needed to illustrate all these windows properly, but you can do it with a little patience and a ruler.

Of course, this is just a simple example. Feel free to draw more doors, different patterns or even use more various shapes like circles or diamonds. As long as you are having fun, go for it! :)

Learn how to draw cartoons (Places) - School

adding personality to your home

Drawing a house can be a simple and pleasant exercise, but we can make this task even more entertaining! Indeed, why not draw a beautiful cartoon house using squares, lines and triangles AND add some eyes and a mouth? In this case, the house becomes a second character ... a more interesting part of your story.

Some perspective was also added to this image, but as you can see below these lines are not perfectly aligned. Depending on the effect you want to create, adding perspective in such an unconventional manner can be a fun alternative.

Learn how to draw cartoons (Places) - House

Let's draw more water!

So far we have learned how to draw cartoons that were all surrounded by thick strokes and outlines. For this example, the first four steps are featuring lines designed to help us draw the object accurately. Once this one is drawn, all lines are gone.

To add credibility to this illustration, it's important to add shadows in relevant areas. Some reflection on the water is also recommended to give more depth to this cartoon pool.

Learn how to draw cartoons (Places) - Pool

Leaving earth for another planet

This simple planet is also quite easy to create. Simply draw a huge circle, a few rings and you are done! More lines are needed inside the planet to create texture. What makes this illustration so interesting is the addition of shadows in the last step. Without these shadows, this planet looks empty and not very realistic.

Learn how to draw cartoons (Places) - Planet

An unfriendly place for a hot tutorial!

It's fun to learn how to draw cartoons that are cute and adorable, but how about working in places that are dangerous and scary? This cartoon volcano is certainly not a fun place to visit. Once again, the addition of shadows and highlights are mandatory to give some personality to this image.

Learn how to draw cartoons (Places) - Volcano

Learn how to draw cartoons that are appealing!

Wait! We are not finished! There are more cool places to work with. Enjoy these places and feel free to create more backgrounds based on existing places or simply create your own. As long as you are practicing and having fun, you will improve your drawing abilities for sure. :)

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