Learn How to Draw Cartoons (Places)

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In this section, you will learn how to draw cartoons (places and backgrounds). It is important to draw nice looking characters. It's also very important to draw nice and recognizable objects, but if you are not able to sketch some nice and visually attractive backgrounds, your comic strip won't be very appealing either!

The environment in which your character evolves is really important. Very often, the places you choose to depict can set the mood in a positive or a negative way. They almost become like a quiet, silent character. A nice environment can be visually more interesting than the characters themselves!

Learn how to draw cartoons

You will learn to draw places that are useful and colorful. Drawing a nice background isn't too difficult to achieve, but adding some nice shadows and lighting effects can be more complicated and challenging!

So get ready to learn and prepare your pencil right now! Drawing a background is not the most exciting thing to do, but you don't really have a choice! Otherwise, your character will be alone in a big empty white space! Not really cool!

Here are all drawing lessons featured in this series:

What makes a great place to draw?

Your background can be simple, made from just a few lines to create mountains, clouds and still be very effective. It's not the amount of details or special effects that create a cool background. It's the personality you put into it. A good environment needs to be believable in the world it is located in. 

A few more examples to help you out!

Below are more tutorials to help you create great places like mountains, banks, castles, houses and more. If you feel overwhelmed by the illustration you want to duplicate, just give it a try without adding all the effects. 

Most tutorials are made with the same technique: the object (or place) is made from basic shapes and then colors are added. Finally, special effects like shadows, reflections and gradient colors are also added to create a complex and beautiful illustration. 

Simply sketch the illustration using the basic shapes and add a few colors if you don't feel like doing the whole thing. It's ok as long as you draw and practice!

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