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How to draw a koala clip art made from simple lines

How to draw a koala clip art

In this simple lesson, you will learn to draw a cute koala clip art using a basic step-by-step tutorial. In just four accessible steps, you can create a cool character like the one found above. Don't worry! This lesson can easily be achieved by anyone, including beginners. Ready? Let's start by taking a look at a nice video to help you understand how this exotic cartoon animal was created ...

A few minutes and we are done!

The short video below shows how a few basic shapes are used to illustrate a template used to form the character. Then, you can draw thick and beautiful lines to illustrate the koala. Finally, adding a few colors can be a good idea to enhance the final result. If you need more guidance, simply scroll down to have access to more information ...

A cool koala clip art that everyone will enjoy!

Like I said earlier, the first step consists of creating a few basic shapes to create a simple guideline. You can start with the ears using two small circles. The head is made from a large rectangle. The nose is done using a smaller rectangle. The body is created from a square and the feet with small oval shapes. Both hands are done from curved lines. Eyes are made from small dots.

How to draw a koala clip art

Next, you can draw the character itself using thick pointed lines. You can add some hair on the ears and on top of the head. Notice how the head is made from a shape with round corners and edges. Once you are finished, you can erase all gray lines found on this illustration.

How to draw a koala clip art

This is the illustration so far. It's pretty cute, but we can do better by adding colors inside the character. These colors will also be used to form patches inside the ears and on the chest.

How to draw a koala clip art

For this version of a koala clip art, I have selected a bright grey color with a little bit of blue in it. Notice how patches inside the ears, the stomach and the feet are brighter. On the opposite, the nose and the eyes are much darker. Good job! We are done drawing this cartoon koala!

How to draw a koala clip art

It's now time to create your own version!

Once you are familiar with the anatomy of this particular wild animal, you can draw various versions using larger ears, longer noses or fatter bodies. It's all up to you! Just be creative and have fun sketching this cute animal from Australia.

How to draw a koala clip art

Now that we are done with this animal, don't hesitate to try more cool characters below. Have fun and don't forget to practice often. :)

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