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How to create Kitten Drawings that look cute

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Kitten drawings are fun to draw. Especially when you have the opportunity to reproduce such a lovely cartoon character! Unlike cats, kittens are usually drawn with a smaller body, large adorable eyes and tiny feet.

This is a good example of how an average sketch can be turned into a professional illustration using the right tools. Are you ready to draw?

Kitten drawings

Step 1

Kitten drawings

First, grab a pencil and a piece of paper and sketch the following character (well, the one above!). Your illustration doesn't have to be perfect. It's only a template! If you are comfortable working with a tablet, you can also create the original character directly in your computer.

Step 2

Kitten drawings

Convert your illustration into a digital file (if it's not already the case) and create a new layer to add the outlines. As you can see on the image above, sometimes small adjustments are required. In this case, I wasn't satisfied with the original position of the head, so I changed it a little.

Step 3

Kitten drawings

When you are finished, create a new layer behind the outlines and create plain shapes filled with solid colors. 

Step 4

Kitten drawings

Select the gradient tool and add a simple shadow effect on the cartoon character. To do so, you must select each shape individually. Make sure that the brighter area is on top of each shape.

Step 5

Kitten drawings

The character looks great, but we still need to add stronger shadows to create more depth on our illustration. Create a third layer and add additional shapes, mostly on the left part of each element. 

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Step 6

Kitten drawings

When you are ready, select the transparency tool and partially hide the shapes created in the previous step. Areas that are closer to the light source must be lighter.

Step 7

Kitten drawings

Shadows are great, but reflections are also important to give more volume to the cartoon character. All parts of the kitten must be duplicated and scale down a little bit. Then, you can color these new shapes in white.

Step 8

Kitten drawings

To complete the desired effect, use the transparency tool to partially hide the bottom part of each shape. The drawing is almost done, but we can make it a little bit better.

Step 9

Kitten drawings

Select the outlines created previously and change the color using one that is closer to the color near each shape. Of course, a slightly darker tone of color is preferable. That's it! I hope you had fun creating your character and don't hesitate to create even more kitten drawings to practice yourself! :)

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