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How to create a King Drawing ready to rule the world

king drawing

This king drawing is the subject of this new tutorial. I will show you how to draw a colorful king made with simple shape and illustrated so that the drawing is filled with volume and depth.

You will need a vector application to duplicate all the steps from this tutorial. You can still use pencils if you prefer, but the result might not be similar to the character depicted on this page.

Step 1

king drawing

First, you need to draw some basic elements like the body and the head. Then, you can draw the ears and the eyes. On each side of the body, you can draw long arms using a rectangle. On the bottom of each arm, you can sketch a hand using a circle. Finally, you can draw a crown using a long curved line and four different circles.

Step 2

king drawing

Great! Now we need to add some details on the face like the pupils, the nose, the mouth and the beard. You can also add a line to illustrate the chin. On the body of the king, you can add stripe on the chest and just above the hands. A longer stripe can also be added on the bottom of the suit.

Step 3

king drawing

Cool! It's now time to add colors. The pupils must be filled with black while the eyes can remain white. The suit of the king drawing must be colored in red while the stripes can also remain white. Finally, the crown must be filled in yellow and the hands and head should be colored with a skin tone.

Step 4

king drawing

Every recent vector application comes with a fun tool called "The gradient tool". This tool is useful to add depth on a shape. Simply select each shape individually and add a second color (usually a darker version of the color already present in the shape). On most shapes, the darkest color must be located on the bottom.

Step 5

king drawing

The illustration so far is interesting, but we can certainly add more effects to create even more depth and volume to the character. Draw darker shapes manually on the left side of the cartoon character. You can also draw large circles around the eyes. Don't forget to add darker shapes on the crown and the beard.

Step 6

king drawing

These shapes are nice, but clearly too dark to be effective. We need to play with the opacity of these shapes for a smoother result. Once again, select each shape manually and make sure that the opacity is set to a softer level. You can also try to make the right side of each shape almost invisible.

Step 7

king drawing

No, we are not back to a black and white illustration. What you need to do is duplicate each shape and change the color in white. Then you can scale the shapes to 90% of their original sizes. These shapes will be used to create lighter areas on the king drawing and give more volume to the illustration.

Step 8

king drawing

Once again, you can play with the opacity of the shapes to create bright colors on the right side of the characters. If possible, your goal is to completely hide the right side of each white shapes. As you can see, the drawing is now more interesting to look at. It's colorful and the simulation of depth is great.

Step 9

king drawing

One last thing that you can do is change the color of the outlines. Black outlines are great, but not cool enough to create something professional. Simply select all lines individually and apply a color similar to the one available inside the shape (simply make sure that the new color is darker). That's it! A nice king drawing made in just nine easy steps. More fun characters can be drawn below. :)

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