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how to draw a killer whale cartoon using simple curved lines

How to draw a killer whale cartoon

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a killer whale cartoon using a basic step-by-step lesson. You will also have access to a cute video to see it all in action. Killer whales are fascinating creatures to work with. These wild animals are easily recognizable with their unique black and white pattern. If you know how to draw circles and triangles, then this simple tutorial is definitely for you. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this character in just a few minutes.

a fun video to begin our journey

Some people prefer to watch videos while others are more comfortable using a written tutorial. If you like watching short movies, then you can see below how to illustrate this character quickly and easily. Need more information? No problem! Let's proceed with the first step below ...

drawing a killer whale cartoon using cool images

First, we need to create a basic template that will be used to form the final version of this intriguing creature. The body of this killer whale clipart is made from a large oval shape. Two small triangles are added on the bottom and the top of the original shape. One large circle and a smaller one are drawn inside the body near the left. Finally, the back fin is represented by curved lines on the right of the illustration.

How to draw a killer whale cartoon

It's time to draw the character. This one is mostly made from long curved lines. Don't forget to add a small dot inside the small circle. You must also sketch the white pattern inside the animal using more long curved lines.

How to draw a killer whale cartoon

Once you are finished, you can erase all gray lines to see how things should look like. So far, we have a beautiful killer whale cartoon that is not perfect, but certainly adorable and easily recognizable. Let's add some colors inside this cute illustration.

How to draw a killer whale cartoon

In an ideal world, a dark black color would be fine. Since we want to add more contrast and create something visually appealing, using a dark gray color can also be an appropriated choice. Don't forget to add a little bit of blue inside the pupil of the animal. Good job! This cartoon character looks amazing.

How to draw a killer whale cartoon

Have fun drawing more killer whales like this one!

You can see below all four steps required to sketch and draw this cartoon killer whale perfectly. If you want to, you can try to draw the same character using various proportions, different postures or simply change the style of your drawing.

How to draw a killer whale cartoon

Just unleash your creativity and have fun drawing more animals like this one. :)

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