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how to draw jellyfish pictures using a fun example

How to draw a jellyfish pictures & video

Learn to draw cute jellyfish pictures using this simple template as a starting point for your online journey! Indeed, I will show you how drawing a simple oval shape and a few curved lines to represent tentacles can help you illustrate this fun cartoon animals in just seconds. No need to be a professional artist to end up with a basic character like the one found above. Let's begin with the video version of this tutorial ...

a cute video to get started

First, you can take a look at the video below to learn a few tips on how to sketch and color this cartoon jellyfish. All steps are easy to understand and the video is concise and short. Of course, you can also enjoy the written version of this lesson below the video if you prefer to take the time to study all steps carefully and learn a few extra tips.

A few jellyfish pictures to help you draw the character

Great! Glad to learn that the written version can also help you create this amazing cartoon animal. First, draw a large oval shape to represent the head. Make sure this new shape is narrower on top and slightly larger on the bottom. Then, you can add two dots and a line to create the eyes and the mouth. Below the head, draw one irregular line made from waves. Complete this step with the creation of four more lines.

How to draw a jellyfish pictures & video

Next, use the template created in the previous step to draw the character itself. It's time to draw a perfect oval shape (well .. not perfect, but better than the previous one) and add some thickness to the tentacles. Notice how the eyes are almost pointed on top, just like a drop of water.

How to draw a jellyfish pictures & video

This is how your drawing should look like once all lines drawn in the first step are removed. These lines were only used as a guideline. Blue strokes from the previous step are now black. Very good work! One more step and we are done with this cute cartoon character.

How to draw a jellyfish pictures & video

This character is mostly filled with a wide variety of purple colors. The head is brighter while the eyes and the tentacles are darker. You can also draw a few basic patches on the forehead to give a little bit more personality to this cartoon jellyfish.

How to draw a jellyfish pictures & video

Excellent! It's now time to draw even more cute animals like this one!

The illustration below is featuring all four steps required to draw this animal accurately. Drawing nice jellyfish pictures is not a secret anymore! Don't hesitate to try new shapes, new colors, new postures and new features.

How to draw a jellyfish pictures & video

Have fun experimenting and don't forget to practice often ... very often. More cute animals can be found below to help you draw! :)

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