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How to Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

Learn how to draw an insurance cartoon character with a nice smile, a simple suitcase and a great blue suit! Let's face it, insurance is a must if you own something valuable. However, for some reason, insurance salesman don't have a good reputation (just like politicians).

No one likes to spend money to buy an insurance, but when a disaster occurs, we are glad we did. Products like televisions, cars or houses are already quite expensive, that's why some people are not tempted to spend money for something not tangible. Whether we like it or not, insurance is important and no one could give us better advice than an insurance salesman.

Let's see how we can draw this adorable cartoon character using the basic tutorial below ...

starting with the head and body

Great! Let's start by sketching the head using a medium oval shape. Below the head, you can draw a neck using another small circle. For the body a rectangle is needed. Notice how the top and the bottom of the body are done using subtle curved lines.

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

adding arms and legs to the insurance cartoon salesman

Now that the head and body are created, we can draw the legs and the arms using straight and curved lines. For the arms, simply draw long curved lines on both sides of the body. The character will be holding a suitcase, so leave some space between the hand and the body. For the legs, straight lines can be used.

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

working on the hands and the feet

Next, sketch the hands using more short curved lines. A suitcase can be drawn below the right hand. This object is made from a simple rectangle with smooth corners. Finally, complete this step with the creation of the feet using curved lines. Nice work! This insurance cartoon lesson is progressing nicely.

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

It's time to create a cute facial expression!

On top of the head, you can draw some hair using long curved lines. For the eyes, small oval shapes are required. You can add pupils using perfect dots. For the mouth and nose, curved lines are needed. Draw simple ears on both sides of the head and we are done for this step.

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

sketching a beautiful suit

On the suit of the character, you can draw a collar using a few broken lines. Inside the suit, the top of the tie can be seen. A vertical line is also used to separate the top of the suit in half. Great work! All we need to do is add colors and play with a simple digital effect. :)

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

let's bring this character to life using saturated colors

The suit of the insurance cartoon salesman is filled with a dark blue color. Inside the suit, the shirt is colored in white. For the tie, you can use a bright red color. The hair and the suitcase are colored in brown. A similar color is used for the shoes, but this one is darker.

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

One simple effect to create more depth and volume

Using gradients can help you create more volume inside your illustration quickly and easily. Of course, this effect can also be done by hand if you don't have a vector application. Notice how all shapes used to form the character are now darker on the bottom and brighter near the top.

How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character
How To Draw An Insurance Cartoon Character

Great work! Now that this character is completed, feel free to draw more cute illustrations from this site below. Remember to practice often. That's the key to become better at drawing! :)

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