How to Find Inspiration For Cartoons?

Finding inspiration for cartoon character's design is never easy. In fact, finding some inspiration for anything can be quite a challenge!

How do you know when you have something good? And how DO YOU create something good?

Many e-books and websites are available out there to help you learn how to draw (including this one!). But do they teach you how to find great ideas? Maybe not... certainly not, for most of them...

Personally, I think it's an important issue. So important that I haven't covered this subject yet because I want to be extra sure that my advice will be accurate and relevant. But I'm working on it!

After all, how can you have fun drawing if you don't really have great ideas to put on paper? Here are a few simple tips to help you find ideas. But like I said, this is a subject that I will cover more deeply in the future!

Everything as already been done. That's the excuse most people will use when ideas aren't coming. But most new ideas are simply a mix of several concept already available! 

Try to play with old ideas and create new stuff with it (like, for example, mixing drawing, collage and painting for a new comic strip!). 

Also try to observe a lot. That's the easiest way to get new ideas! Your environment is loaded with occasions for you to discover new concepts!

Play with puzzles. Anything that will get your mind working! Now that's the best way to trigger some new ideas for you to work on!

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