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How to draw an insect clip art using fun and easy examples

How to draw an insect clip art

Learn how to draw an insect clip art like a butterfly, an ant, a dragonfly and a spider using these simple step-by-step lessons. I will show you how to create compelling cartoon animals using a simple template that can be applied to all characters. As long as you can draw a few curved lines, you should be able to illustrate these cartoon insects properly. 

Learning how to draw a cute dragonfly

First, let's create a simple dragonfly in just four easy steps. You can begin with the creation of the head and the body using small squares with round corners. You can leave a small white space between both shapes. Next, draw two antennas using curved lines.

Pupils and eyes are represented by small dots. A short curved line is used to represent the mouth. Wings are made from long and thin oval shapes while both legs are created from additional lines. Green and blue colors are used to complete this lesson.

How to draw an insect clip art

A simple cartoon ant

Using the same template as the previous lesson, let's draw a cute cartoon ant in this second step-by-step tutorial. First, draw the same shapes to create the body and the head. Antennas are made from slightly curved lines.

Next, add some eyes using tiny dots. Two more dots are needed to form reflection. The mouth is created from another short line. Complete this lesson by drawing eight legs and by sketching two short lines on the chest.

How to draw an insect clip art

A nice butterfly with simple patterns

This tutorial is similar to the one created in the first step (the dragonfly). However, there are a few differences. First, the antennas are slightly curved as shown in the illustration below. A few lines are also added on the body of the cartoon insect. Small patterns (circles) are also added on all four wings. 

How to draw an insect clip art

Cool spider that everyone will love

Yes, spiders are usually creepy and not quite popular. This one is certainly a cute exception. First, you can draw the same head and body as the ones created earlier. The eyes and the mouth are also drawn using the same technique as before. The main difference is the fact that the character is simpler and filled with a dark gray color.

How to draw an insect clip art

Drawing an insect clip art can be easy

I hope you had fun working with these four simple cartoon characters. Drawing an insect clip art is an easy task when using these basic drawing lessons. You can try more cute versions of these insects or draw new ones using all the tips you have learned here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible! :)

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