innovative pencil shading

by ayushi agrawal

Sketching is a very vast thing to discuss...meaning it is one of the big sections of drawing.So i would be telling you all about pencil shading-a small section of sketching.
Portraits in pencil look attractive because of the use of light and dark shades.

-> the writing position is more commonly used for sketching and shading.

-> the underpalm position is needed for forceful sketching n shading.....meaning to have darker shading u need this position.

There r various gradations in pencil shading -

1)varying pressure on d pencil...
2)varying d grade of d pencil...
3)repetition and over includes hatching and cross hatching...

*By varying d pressure on pencil u can get lighter n darker shades.....greater d pressure darker d shade.

*by varying d grade of pencil also u can get various tones of shading....grades of pencil like 2H,2B,4B,6B,HB etc...
*by repetition u can create variety of textured shades ....

->Smudging is d next step after provides ur sketch more reality ....u can use your finger or cotton to provides a softer gradation...smudging is near to merging...

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Aug 24, 2009
Hi Ayushi
by: Martin

Thanks for the info! That's a very informative tread!

Indeed, sketching is a very important part of drawing and should not be accomplished in a hurry!

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