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how to draw cute images of wild animals

How to draw cute images of wild animals : deer

Learn how to draw cute images of wild animals like a deer, a goat, a zebra and a moose. I will show you how from a single template, all these four animals can be drawn easily. If you can draw a few basic shapes and a couple of curved lines, then you should be able to illustrate all these cute animals. Ready? Let's proceed with the first cartoon character from this series : a nice and adorable deer.

one cute cartoon deer to work with

First, you can draw the body and the head of the cartoon deer using long curved lines. Make sure the head is wider than the body. Next, draw the antlers using multiple broken lines. Ears are made from small triangles. For the eyes, you can use small dots. The nose is done using a small circular shape.

For the mouth, you can use a short curved line. A patch is drawn on the chest of the animal. Small patches are also added to the body. Complete this character by drawing four legs and one short tail. Don't forget to add colors!

How to draw cute images of wild animals : deer

a simple goat that looks adorable

First, we need to draw the head and the body using the same technique as above. Ears are made from small triangles and horns are created using long curved lines. Once again, both eyes are represented by small dots. A broken line is used to form the nose.

On the bottom of the head, draw the mouth and a beard. Next, sketch the legs and the tail using curved lines. You can add a dark gray color inside the cartoon goat.

How to draw cute images of wild animals : goat

A nice zebra filled with simple stripes

The template to create the head and the body of the zebra is the same. Ears are larger and located on top of the head. The mane is done using short triangles. The eyes and the nose are made from small circles. The mouth is done using a curved line.

Stripes on the head and body are illustrated with thin triangles. All you need to do to complete this lesson is draw the legs, the tail and apply some colors.

How to draw cute images of wild animals : zebra

A cool moose to complete this series

This cartoon moose is pretty similar to the deer with a few notable differences. First, the antlers are larger. The nose is also made from two small oval shapes. A patch is added around the mouth and ears are longer. All legs are larger and the color used inside the character is darker.

How to draw cute images of wild animals : moose

Have fun drawing more cute images of wild animals

I hope you had fun drawing all these cute images of wild animals. Once you are comfortable with these cartoon characters, drawing more animals using the same template will become an easy task. It's now time to unleash your creativity, draw more cute animals and practice as often as possible. :)

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