how to draw an illustration of a sheep

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Create a beautiful illustration of a sheep and then see how to color the body of the animal if you don't want to make this one white. If you like sketching simple and adorable cartoon animals, then this tutorial is definitely for you. Mostly made from a bunch of small curved lines, this sheep can easily be created in just four easy steps.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

Before proceeding with the lesson on how to illustrate this character, let's take a few minutes to learn a little bit more about this one using the illustration found above.

  1. More wool can be found on top of the head of the animal.
  2. The body is covered with wool.
  3. Both ears are long and made from large rectangles.
  4. Legs are long and thin.
  5. Hooves are dark and round in front.
  6. Both legs located behind the character are darker to create depth.
  7. The bottom of the head is round and slightly pointed.
  8. The nose is made from straight lines.
  9. Eyes and pupils are created from circles.

Good! Now that we are more familiar with this character, let's proceed to the step-by-step lesson. Remember that this one will be followed by another section on how to apply various colors to the body if you don't feel like using white! :)

Step 1 - drawing several oval shapes and a few rectangles

First, let's create a template that will be used to help us draw accurate proportions for the character. You can start by adding the body using a large oval shape. The head is done using a circle while more oval shapes are used for the ears and the wool on top of the head. Finally, create all four legs below the body using long and thin rectangles.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

step 2 - lots of Small lines needed!

Now that we have a guideline to help us create the animal, let's draw this illustration of a sheep. First, you can use a bunch of small curved lines to form the body and the top of the head. Long curved lines are needed for the head and the ears. Finally, broken lines can be used to illustrate the legs of the animal.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

step 3 - Working inside the head and the legs

Inside the head, sketch small circles to represent the eyes and the pupils of the character. The nose is made from three simple lines (as shown in the image below). Complete this third step by adding small horizontal lines above the hooves to separate them from the legs. We are done creating this sheep. Let's add some colors inside the illustration.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

step 4 - let's make this sheep colorful!

Well, adding colors inside this character is relatively easy. Indeed, this animal is not filled with tons of bright colors like a butterfly would. Instead, the top of the head and the body can be white. The head is filled with a grey color while the ear located behind the head can be darker. You can use the same colors for the legs while all four hooves are almost black.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

Drawing this illustration of a sheep in just four easy steps!

You can see below all four steps required to create the character. Once you are able to draw all basic shapes accurately, adding small curved lines to complete this illustration of a sheep should be an easy task. Now that we are done sketching and drawing, let's see how we could make this animal more interesting by modifying colors.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

Grey instead of white

In this first variation, the body and the top of the head are filled with a light grey color. This can be a good alternative if you are working with a cartoon sheep that is applied on a white background. Contrast is better in this version and the illustration is much easier to read. It's still a realistic approach since sheep are not 100% white in real life.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

what about using a light brown color?

In this second attempt, our illustration of a sheep is filled with a light brown color. This is a color that can be seen on real sheep too, but rarely on the entire body. That's the issue when working with cartoon characters that are too simple. Using a single tone of color (even if this one is relevant) is not always a good idea.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

Blue? Really?

Since we are creating cartoon characters, we are not limited by colors used in the real world. Therefore, it can be a good idea to try something a little bit more surprising. A bright blue color is not so weird considering that a sheep walking in the dark could look slightly blue to the human eye. Don't you think so?

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

A darker color to conclude this lesson

For this last version, our illustration of a sheep is filled with a very dark grey color. Yes, this animal can be considered a black sheep! This adorable character is now visually easy to read and the contrast between the character and the background is quite interesting.

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

Choose the color that you like the most ... 

...or simply create your own! Don't feel limited by what life as to offer. Be creative and try all the colors, patterns and tones that you love. This is especially true in the case of a character like a white sheep that is drawn on a white background. Other animals like cow can also end up in the same situation. Have fun and don't hesitate to draw more sheep like this one! :)

How to draw an illustration of a sheep

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