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how to draw an illustration of a pig made from perfect lines

See how creating an illustration of a pig can be a fun and rewarding experience using this simple lesson and then watch a few alternatives for the color of the cartoon character. Pigs are fun to illustrate once you understand that this great animal is made from a very special body shape. Of course, things are not always the same in the wonderful world of cartoons!

How to draw an illustration of a pig

That's why it  can be a good idea to take a few moments to learn more about this great animal using the illustration above and the list below. It's always a good idea to study and animal before sketching a few shapes and lines to create it! :)

  1. Eyes and pupils are made from small circular shapes.
  2. Both ears are drawn from curved lines and are sharp near the end.
  3. The top of the head is round and created from a small line.
  4. A large patch can be seen inside the ear of the character.
  5. The body is large and fat.
  6. Don't forget the emblematic curly tail!
  7. Back legs are larger and short.
  8. Rectangular shapes are needed on the bottom of each leg.
  9. Front legs are slightly thinner.
  10. The mouth is made from a simple curved line.
  11. The nose is made from a triangle filled with two oval shapes.

Great! Hopefully you are now more familiar with the cartoon version of this animal. Don't forget that the first part of this lesson is dedicated to creating the character while the second part is featuring multiple alternatives filled with different colors. Ready? Let's draw!

Step 1 - Oval shapes and rectangles to create a guideline

First, let's draw a few basic elements to help us draw an animal that is accurate and visually adorable. You can start by sketching a long oval shape to illustrate the head. The body is made from a larger oval shape. Ears are also made from circles while all four legs are represented by long and thin rectangles. Cool! We have everything we need to create this illustration of a pig.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

step 2 - Adding curved lines ... lots of curved lines!

Using the template created in the previous step, you can now work on the character using mostly curved lines. Pay attention to areas like the ears, the top of all legs and the head of the cartoon pig. Once you are done drawing all body parts, you can erase all shapes created with an orange outline.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

step 3 - drawing a beautiful face

It's now time to work inside the head to create a beautiful face. You can start by completing the left ear by adding a patch inside this one. Eyes are made from small circles while pupils are created from dots.

The nose is done using a triangle filled with round corners. Large oval shapes are sketched inside the nose. Finally, you can draw the mouth using a simple curved line.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

step 4 - the final details

This illustration of a pig is almost completed! All you need to do to finish this part of the tutorial is draw a long curly tail on the back of the animal. On the bottom of each leg, draw two small squares as shown in the image below. That's it! All we need to do now is add some color to make this character visually more appealing.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

step 5 - adding a bright pink color to the character

Since we are working on a cartoon version of the pig, it can be a good idea to use a bright and saturated pink color inside the animal. The patch inside the ear as well as the color found inside the nose can be lighter. Elements located behind the character (like the right ear and two of the legs) can be filled with a darker pink color. Good job!

How to draw an illustration of a pig

These are all steps needed to create this fun animal!

This cute illustration of a pig can be completed in just five easy steps. Take all the time needed to master these elements properly so that you can draw the character again without using this tutorial. Now that we have created a beautiful cartoon pig, let's see more options when it comes to applying colors inside this cute character.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

a light pink color is also visually interesting

In this first variation, the color used inside the character is similar to the original one except the color is much brighter and lighter. I really like this alternative since the color is not as saturated as it was before and the illustration is still relatively easy to read. Yes, this is a good choice if you want something different.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

a skin-like color that is darker and more saturated

Our illustration of a pig is now filled with a dark skin color. This is not a bad move, but somehow it's not as convincing as it was with both previous versions. The color is not a poor option, so maybe it's the fact that this color is very dark, very deep, very saturated. Let's keep this color, but let's try something else!

How to draw an illustration of a pig

A light skin color that is much more effective

That's better! We are using something quite similar to the color found in the previous example, but this time the color is light and closer to reality. This alternative is visually pleasant and very appealing. This is the proof that you don't need to use a bright pink color to create a cartoon pig that works.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

Closer to reality ... once again ...

In this other version, the cartoon character is filled with a light brown color. This animal seems closer to reality compared to all previous characters. Pigs like to play with mud and this character seems ready for some action! Good work! We have another option that can be used for creating cartoon pigs.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

Let's make this cartoon pig much darker

Once again, we used this color in the previous step, but it's now much darker. This option is also close to reality and can be used to illustrate realistic pigs as well as cartoon ones. Good choice! :)

How to draw an illustration of a pig

Have fun with this illustration of a pig!

As you can see below, you can use several colors inside this cartoon character. Our little illustration of a pig is not limited to pink or brown. Unleash your creativity and play with all these colors. You can also draw patches, mud or anything else you have in mind on the animal to make this one visually more stimulating.

How to draw an illustration of a pig

How that we are done with this character, feel free to try more cute cartoon pigs from this site. Enjoy these new lessons and don't forget to practice often. :)

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