How to draw an illustration of a kitten using blue colors

Learn how to create a beautiful illustration of a kitten and then see how you can play with proportions and make this character cuter and more adorable! Cats are fun animal to illustrate, but kittens are even more fascinating to work with. Filled with huge basic shape and cute curved lines, these animals are the definition of what it means to be cute!

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

Before proceeding with the lesson on how to draw this cute cartoon kitten, let's take a few minutes to study this one carefully. You can use the image above as a reference.

  1. Ears are filled with large bright patches.
  2. The top of the head is made from a curved line. Two straight lines are used for the bottom.
  3. You can use a triangular shape to illustrate the ears.
  4. Eyes are made from large circles while pupils are created using small dots.
  5. Whiskers are made from long lines that are slightly curved.
  6. The mouth is created from three curved lines.
  7. The tail is round and darker (since it's in the background).
  8. The body is not too large (but not too thin either).
  9. A large circular patch is visible on the stomach of the animal.
  10. Front legs are tiny and loaded with short lines.
  11. Back legs are larger and drawn using long curved lines.
  12. Some hair can be found on the cheeks of the kitten.
  13. A tiny nose made from a triangle is located in the middle of the head.

Great! No need to remember all this information for now. We will cover each of these elements throughout the first part of the lesson which consists of drawing the actual character. Ready? Let's create a beautiful illustration of a kitten in just five easy steps.

step 1 - drawing a template using several basic shapes

First, you can sketch an oval shape to represent the head. Ears are done using small pointed triangles. Then, you can add the body using a rectangle. All legs and feet are made from circles. Another oval shape is used to form the tail of the character. Excellent! These guidelines will be used to draw the character in the following step.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

step 2 - drawing this illustration of a kitten

Using a mix of long and short curved lines, you can now draw all parts of the kitten as shown in the image below. Make sure that the ears are round, the cheeks are filled with hair, the back legs are large and the body is slim.

Once you are done creating this illustration of a kitten, you can erase all orange shapes created in the previous step.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

step 3 - working inside the head of the animal

Using two large circles, you can now draw the eyes of the kitten. Pupils are made from smaller dots. The nose is created from a single line that has the shape of a triangle. Whiskers are made from pointed lines. Finally, use three small lines to illustrate the mouth of the cartoon animal.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

step 4 - adding all final details

Inside the ears, draw two small lines to create a bright and colorful patch. A long curved line is drawn on the stomach of the kitten to form another patch. Complete this fourth step by adding shorts lines inside the back legs and the front ones. Excellent! It's now time to add colors on this illustration of a kitten.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

step 5 - Bright blue colors are needed!

Why not use a bright blue color for this adorable cartoon character? Of course, any other colors like brown, beige, orange, white or black could also be used for this example. Simply make sure that all patches are filled with a brighter version of the selected color. The nose, the tail and the pupils must be darker.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Turning a cat into a kitten

These are all five steps required to create the character from this lesson. Now that our little friend is finished, let's play a little bit with proportions to see how a simple cat can easily be modified into a kitten without making any other major adjustments.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Our little cartoon kitten is now a big beautiful cat

In this example, the body is now taller and all legs are smaller. The result? Well, our little kitten looks more like a cat now. Just by altering the legs and the body, we were able to give a few years to this adorable character. For the following examples, let's make this animal younger again!

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Larger head for a cuter character

In this second attempt, the head is now much larger. It's the only modification that was applied into this illustration of a kitten. However, it's more than enough to convert the previous cat into a beautiful cartoon kitten. Let's go back to the original illustration and let's make another modification ...

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Larger patch and larger legs

For this third example, the patch in the middle of the body is now much larger. The front and back legs are also huge compared to the original cartoon character. Of all images created so far, this one is the least convincing version. Scaling any part of the character is not enough to achieve our goal. We need to work on the proper body parts.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Larger body .. that's it!

This illustration of a kitten is quite similar to the first one except for the body that is much larger now. Can this character be viewed as a kitten of just a fat cat? Honestly, it's all a question of perception. Someone could see the first, another one the latter.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

what about facial features?

So far we played with body parts like the head, the body or the legs. What if we would modified details inside the head instead of playing with the shape of the head itself? In this final example, the eyes are much larger while the nose and mouth are much smaller. These last two elements are also lower inside the head.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Have fun and experiment all these possibilities!

Below you can see all six images we have created for this tutorial. Of course, we did not cover all possibilities and it's really up to you to play with various body parts to end up with the perfect recipe. Simply remember that for a kitten, bigger sizes generally mean cuter and more adorable. It's not always true (like we saw for the legs), but you should be able to figure out by yourself whether a particular mix will work or not.

How to draw an illustration of a kitten

Now that we are done with this character, don't hesitate to draw more fun kittens below. Enjoy! :)

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