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how to draw an illustration of a bee that looks adorable

Learn how to create a cute illustration of a bee using simple step-by-step instructions and then enjoy various postures involving the same cartoon character. Just like butterflies, cats and dogs, bees are a popular subject among younger artist. Maybe it's the simplicity of the insect or the bright colors associated to it ... who knows ... it's a great mystery!

How to draw an illustration of a bee

Before learning how to create this delicate and wonderful creature in just five easy steps, let's take a few minutes to study this little animal a little bit. You can use the illustration above as a reference.

  1. Some hair are visible on top of the head of the cartoon bee.
  2. The head is diamond-shaped.
  3. More hair are added on the cheeks of the insect.
  4. Arms are long, thin and filled with a bright yellow color.
  5. Don't forget to draw a sharp sting below the body.
  6. Feet are short, flat and made from simple curved lines.
  7. Black stripes can be seen on the body of the bee.
  8. Wings are delicate and made from long oval shapes.
  9. Eyes are made from medium circles and pupils from dots.
  10. Antennas are created from long broken lines.

Great! Now that we are more familiar with this character, let's proceed to the first part of this tutorial: drawing the illustration of a bee!

step 1 - creating basic shapes

To help us create accurate proportions and end up with a realistic posture, it's a good practice to sketch a few basic shapes that will be used as guidelines. In this case, you can draw a diamond shape for the head, an oval shape for the body and thin rectangles for the arms and legs.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

step 2 - Drawing the cartoon bee using curved lines

It's now time to draw this beautiful bee using mostly straight and curved lines. Only four lines are required to illustrate the head while the body and sting are made from long ones. Once you are done, you can erase all shapes created previously.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

step 3 - antennas, a mouth and eyes

On top of the head of this illustration of a bee, sketch two long antennas using broken lines. Near the end, you can draw small oval shapes.

Inside the head, you can create the eyes and the pupils using circles and dots. The mouth is made from a curved line. Lines are also added on the cheeks.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

Step 4 - Wings and patterns

Behind the cartoon bee, draw four wings using long and thin oval shapes. Inside the body of the insect, sketch some stripes as shown below. The drawing part of this lesson is now completed! :)

How to draw an illustration of a bee

step 5 - adding vivid and saturated colors

Of course, this beautiful illustration of a bee must be filled with a bright yellow color. Stripes on the body are dark (grey or black) while all four wings are filled with a subtle blue color. The sting and the pupils are also colored in grey.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

Nice illustration of a bee! 

You can see below all five steps needed to create this adorable version of a bee. This character can be slightly more challenging because of the shape of the head and the body. Now that this fun insect is finished, let's see how we can play with the posture of the character to add more personality to it ...

How to draw an illustration of a bee

A simple smile to create more expression

For this first attempt, the bee is smiling with its tongue being visible. As you can see, simply by changing the shape of the mouth, the character now seems happier and more likely to be in a good mood. Changes don't need to be complex. Only a few basic things can be modified!

How to draw an illustration of a bee

with arms wide open

Let's keep this beautiful smile and let's work on the arms now. In this second version, both arms are now wide open. As a spectator, we feel welcomed and appreciated. Changing the facial AND the posture is quite effective to create a new emotion.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

show me the money!

Well, there is no money to show ... but the character is holding the right posture if there were bills and coins to be seen. Only one arm was modified inside this illustration of a bee (compared to the previous one) and yet the character is displaying a complete different message.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

the mouth is now closed!

Same posture, but this time the mouth is closed. Once again, the message might be the same, but the absence of enthusiasm is quite revealing. Don't you feel like the whole set up is less interesting now?

How to draw an illustration of a bee


One last alternative featuring a character filled with many modifications. Antennas are now pointing in a different direction. Eyes and mouth are facing the right. Hands are back on the hips. The mouth is not happy anymore. Quite different, don't you think?

How to draw an illustration of a bee

all parts of the body can talk!

The point of this tutorial is to show how a character can depict various emotions using only small modifications on the posture or the facial expression. Possibilities are virtually endless. Feel free to play with this illustration of a bee to discover new emotions, new postures and new expressions.

How to draw an illustration of a bee

Are you looking for more bees to illustrate? Excellent! You can find more bees from this site below. Have fun with these new resources! :)

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