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how to draw an ice cream clip art that looks delicious

How to draw an ice cream clip art

In this lesson, you will draw a cute ice cream clip art that looks delicious and refreshing. In just four easy steps, I will show you how to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to illustrate this simple image. Before proceeding with the written version of this tutorial, let's take a look at a short video filled with all you need to know about this picture ...

Less than two minutes and you are done!

The basic video below shows how you can sketch and draw this ice cream clip art quickly and effectively in less than two minutes. If you need more information or prefer to read a short step-by-step lesson instead of watching a video, simply scroll down a little bit ...

A cute Ice cream clip art that everyone one will love!

Ready? Cool! Let's sketch this cool picture now! First, create a template made of basic shapes as shown below. The bottom part is made from two small rectangles will the ice cream itself is done using long curved lines. A small oval shape is added to represent reflection.

How to draw an ice cream clip art

Next, it's time to draw the image using long thick lines. It doesn't really matter if those lines are not 100% perfect. We just want accurate proportions and a little bit of imperfection to make the drawing visually more appealing and interesting.

How to draw an ice cream clip art

Once you are finished, you can erase all gray lines created earlier. So far, the ice cream illustration should look like this. Let's add some colors and create one simple pattern to make this creation (slightly) more complex.

How to draw an ice cream clip art

This image is mostly made from brown colors. Perhaps the ice cream is covered with chocolate, which is a nice addition. Don't forget to draw small lines on the bottom part of the image. A small oval shape is also placed on top of the cone. Great work! This image is perfect!

How to draw an ice cream clip art

Only four steps to end up with a cute illustration

Below you can see all four steps required to form the perfect ice cream cone. If you want to go one step further, don't hesitate to play with the shape of your subject. Add more ice cream, make the bottom larger or use a triangular shape ... anything is possible! You can also try more patterns, play with colors or simply create more complex textures. Be creative and don't hesitate to practice as often as needed. :)

How to draw an ice cream clip art

Feel free to try more delicious cartoon food using all fun lessons below. Keep practicing and have fun with these additional resources. :)

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