I use Adobe Illustrator

by Joe Spooner
(Portland, Oregon)

I do my cartoons in pencil and then draw (I try not to trace) over the pencil lines in ink. I scan the drawings, then clean up and convert the scans using Streamline. (Adobe really ought to upgrade it someday.)
I copy the Streamline images (now vector art) and paste them into an open Adobe Illustrator file.
I draw all of the pieces of my cartoons separately. If I have a man sitting at a table, I'll do him in his chair in one drawing and then I'll draw the table in a different one.
Once in Illustrator, I can set the man down at the table. If I need to move him over a bit later in the drawing, I'll select him and nudge him over. I can make his coffee cup bigger or disappear in an instant.

Samples of my work are on my Web site.

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