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how to draw wings filled with amazing effects

How to Draw Wings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw wings that look quite realistic using a vector application. I will show you how to add simple digital effects to turn a relatively simple illustration into a more appealing version. You can also try this lesson even if you don't own a vector software, but it will be easier if you can add all shadows, reflections and colors using an application.

Drawing the main components

For this first step, you need to draw all wing feathers using mostly long curved lines. As you can see below, the first set of feathers is rather short while the last ones on the right are quite long. Also, make sure that the feathers near the top of the drawing are longer than the ones located on the bottom.

How to Draw Wings

A simple line to complete the drawing part of the lesson

Inside each feather, you can draw a subtle line as shown below. These lines are usually placed near the middle of the shapes and are not reaching the tip of the feathers. Please note that all lines drawn in the previous step as well as lines drawn in this step are filled with a dark yellow color.

How to Draw Wings

Adding plain colors

In this simple step, all you need to do is add a subtle yellow color inside each part of the wing. We are now entering the most challenging section of this tutorial : adding special effects to create more depth and volume.

How to Draw Wings

gradient fills to begin with

We now need to make sure that each feather is filled with a dark yellow color and a white color. The goal is to make the tip of each feather white and the bottom part yellow.

How to Draw Wings

A simple shadow to create more volume

For this step, each feather needs to be filled with a dark shadow. These new shapes are added on the bottom part of all feathers. These new shapes are dark and partially transparent near the end.

You can see on the left all new shapes that are added (with a pink outline) and the final result is available on the right. This wing is cute, but we need to add one more step to make this one even more interesting.

How to Draw Wings

More shadows for more depth

More shadows are added below each feather using more new dark shapes that are partially transparent. Once again, you can see all new additions on the left as well as the result on the right. This time, the illustration on the right represents the final illustration since all steps are now completed.

How to Draw Wings

Now you know how to draw wings that are appealing

I hope you had fun learning how to draw wings that are cute and visually appealing using a simple vector application. These effects are not easy to implement, but with some practice, getting it right can easily be done.

How to Draw Wings

Have fun experimenting and don't forget to practice as often as needed.

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