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how to draw unicorns using a few adorable samples

How To Draw Unicorns Using A Few Adorable Samples

Learning how to draw unicorns is a much easier task when you can have access to a couple of cute characters. In this series, you will learn to illustrate three fun creatures mostly made from basic shapes and lines. Even more interesting is the fact that all three lessons are featuring various postures and angles to help you study this gracious character even more.

Unicorns have been around for a long time. In fact, they were even present in the antiquity. It's also fascinating to note that these creatures were also mentioned in various cultures including the Greek one. A creature similar to the unicorn is also described in the Bible. Today, we can also enjoy this gentle beast in movies, books and popular culture.

Drawing our first subject using circles and oval shapes

Let's begin this series with the creation of our first character. This lesson on how to draw a unicorn can mostly be made from circles and oval shapes. First, draw the head and body using large irregular shapes. The area near the mouth is also made from another large circle. Both front legs are done with short rectangles. You can use similar shapes to form the back legs.

Inside the head, draw large circles to illustrate the eyes. On top of the head, sketch a triangle to represent the horn. Small hooves made from flat rectangles are needed below all four legs. The ears and the tail are done using curved lines. Add patches inside the ears and details inside the head to complete this lesson. Don't forget to add plain colors!

How To Draw Unicorns

Let's try another fun posture for this character

Our second cartoon unicorn is shown sitting with both legs wide opened. It's an interesting posture that can help you learn more about the anatomy of the creature. First, use a few basic shapes and lines to create a basic template. Once the template is completed, polish the silhouette of the creature using more simple curved lines.

You can use dots and tiny oval shapes to form the eyes and nose. The horn and the ears are done using triangles. A long curved line is needed for the tail. Once the animal is done, you can apply plain colors inside most body parts. Nice! This series on how to draw unicorns is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw Unicorns

how to draw unicorns from a side view

This last example consists of a unicorn displayed from a side view. Just like we did for the previous character, let's start this lesson with the creation of a simple template. The head is made from an oval shape and two rectangles. For the body, you can use long straight lines. For the tail, a simple curved line will do.

Use this template to create the silhouette of the unicorn. For the eyes, you can use two large oval shapes. Sketch a thin triangle for the horn and use a large curved line to form the tail. Unlike previous characters, this one is filled with gradients to create more depth and volume.

How To Draw Unicorns

Nice work! I hope you had fun creating these fun cartoon unicorns using all the basic tips included in this series. Feel free to try more fun characters from the same collection and remember to practice as often as you can. Don't hesitate to sketch more unicorns using various textures, colors and postures. Enjoy! :)

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