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How to draw turkeys using a few adorable examples

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

Learning how to draw turkeys can easily be done using all seven fun lessons found on this page. You will have the opportunity to try several fun tutorials ranging from basic to advanced. Indeed, some of these characters are only made from basic shapes while others are filled with complex shadows and highlights.

Turkeys are fun animals to illustrate mainly because they are gifted with a large colorful tail. All these versions are filled with brown colors and covered with basic patterns. Let's start this fun series now by working with a surprising lesson ...

using simple rectangles and circles

Drawing a turkey clipart using only a single rectangle to form the body and head is feasible. Once the main shapes is drawn, you can proceed with the eyes and pupils using perfect circles. For the mouth, two curved lines are needed. The wattle below the beak is created with an oval shape.

You can draw a large tail using a mix of curved and straight lines. A simple pattern is visible on top of the tail. Additional lines are needed for the feet. Once you are done sketching the animal, you can add plain colors (mostly brown).

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

working with another fun subject made from oval shapes

You can also learn to draw a turkey using mostly circles and oval shapes. Simply start by adding the head, the body and the tail. Notice how this one is much larger than the body. Using more curved lines, you can draw wings on both sides of the body. Only the legs are made from straight lines.

Inside the head, sketch the eyes using perfect circles. The beak is made from a triangular shape done with smooth lines. Draw the pupils and add small reflections inside both shapes. Add plain colors and you are done! Great work! This series on how to draw turkeys is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

let's try a different posture for this cute character

So far, both versions were made from basic characters using a front view. This time, let's draw a cartoon turkey displayed from a side view. You can begin this tutorial with the creation of the head and the body using oval shapes. The neck is made from a short rectangle. Circles can be used to illustrate the eyes.

The wattle and the beak are represented by more rectangles. Add the tail and the feet before polishing the silhouette of the character. Add the pupils and simple patterns inside the tail. Draw a wing and the feet using broken lines. Just add colors and we are done with this fun animal.

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

drawing a happy character made from curved lines

This fourth animal is featuring a cute turkey clip art mostly made from short curved lines. As you can see below, the head and body are created with four lines. More short lines are needed for the wings and feet. Next, draw the eyes and pupils using circles. For the beak, smooth triangles can be used.

The tail is made from ten different feathers. Don't forget to sketch the wattle using curved lines. Once you are done, simply add colors inside the subject. Cool! We are not done yet! More lessons on how to draw turkeys are available below.

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

another fun turkey created using a side view

This next illustration of a turkey was also created using a fun side view. This time, the character is drawn using slightly more complex shapes. In the first step, you can see that several basic shapes were used to build the template used to create the subject.

Next, work on the silhouette of the turkey using several curved lines. Notice how the wattle and the tail are now more precise. Don't forget to draw the wing, the pattern on the tail and the eye. Just add colors and we are done with this one. Two more tutorials on how to draw turkeys are available below.

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

working with shadows and gradients

It can also be a fun experience to create a turkey cartoon filled with fun effects like shadows and reflections. Indeed, the goal of this lesson is not to learn how to draw the animal itself, but rather how to add beautiful effects inside the character.

First, you can draw the character and add plain colors inside this one. Then, add gradients to create more depth and volume. Finally, several layers of shadows can be created to complete this lesson. More details can be found here.

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

how to draw turkeys using all tips learned so far

This last lesson featuring a complex turkey drawing is featuring a character also filled with cool digital effects. First, you can draw the animal using several long curved lines. Then, you can color the subject using gradients. In the fifth step, shadows are added in strategic areas.

In the sixth step, transparency is used to soften this shadows. For the next step, white shapes are drawn on the head, wing and tail. Then, transparency is also used to soften these new additions.

How To Draw Turkeys Using A Few Adorable Examples

I hope you had fun learning how to draw turkeys created from basic shapes, colors and effects. Don't hesitate to use all tips found on this page to create your own characters. Keep practicing and have fun! :)

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