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How to Draw Thor Using a Unique Design

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

Learning how to draw Thor can be a fun exercise if you like ancient mythologies. Of course, the character is well known in the wonderful world of superheroes, but this one is based on a much older character. Using a large hammer to crush the enemy, the god of thunder is definitely an interesting subject to illustrate.

In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to draw a fun version wearing a large helmet and a bright cape. This god is also filled with various shadows that will make this illustration visually more appealing. Let's see how we can draw a cartoon version of Thor in just ten easy steps ...

Sketching a few basic shapes to create a template

First, let's draw a few basic shapes to form a template that will be used to illustrate the character. You can start by sketching a large circle to represent the head and the helmet. Next, draw two large triangles to form the wings. The body is made from a large rectangle.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

adding the arms and the legs

On both sides of the body, draw four circles and oval shapes to represent the arms. Notice how the left hand and the right one are slightly different. That's because the right hand of the character (on the left of the image) is holding the hammer. For the legs, three thins rectangles are needed.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

drawing a cartoon thor using all basic shapes

Now that we have a solid template to work with, it's time to sketch the silhouette of the character. To do so, several curved lines are needed. Notice the original shape of the helmet. Two wings are drawn on both sides and a small spike is visible on top. 

The character is also muscular, so draw the body and the arms accordingly. The right hand is holding the hammer, so pay attention to the position of the fingers. Finally, don't forget to draw nice boots using sharp lines.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

creating a lovely facial expression

Inside the head, you can draw two large eyes using more curved lines. The nose and the mouth are made from short lines. The character is smiling, but the eyes are focused and slightly angry. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw Thor is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

adding a hammer and a cape

It's time to draw the most unusual weapon for a superhero ... the hammer! This one is mostly made from straight lines. On the bottom of the illustration (and in the back of the character), you can sketch a cape using long curved lines.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

sketching small but important details

Inside the helmet, draw a long vertical line near the middle. Reflections made from tiny circle are added on the pupils. A long line is used to represent the beard. More lines are drawn on the body of Thor to show how muscular the character is. Lines are also used inside the arms. Great! This cartoon Thor is now completely drawn!

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

working with plain colors

Nothing is more satisfying then adding simple colors to a black and white illustration. For this version of Thor, the helmet is filled with a light gray color. Both wings are beige and the eyes are blue. The beard cane be darker than the skin. The outfit is mostly blue while the cape is brown. More gray colors are needed for the hammer and the boots.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

adding shadows inside the head and the hammer

You can also draw subtle shadows in strategic areas to create more depth and volume. For this lesson, new elements are created around the eyes, below the nose, on the helmet and on the left side of the beard. More shadows are created on the hammer of Thor.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

drawing a few more shadows on the body

We are not done yet! More shadows are needed on the body of our subject. First, sketch new shapes below the chin, on the arms, on the chest and above the pants. More elements are created above the boots, on the bottom part of the boots and inside the cape.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

nice work learning how to draw Thor using this fun Design

Once all steps are completed, you should end up with a similar version as the one shown below. Don't hesitate to draw your own cartoon Thor using various colors, shapes and accessories. You can also sketch various postures or simply change the proportions of the character. Possibilities are endless!

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

Below you can see all steps needed to learn how to draw Thor in just a few basic steps. Study all steps carefully and don't hesitate to take your time to create the character properly.

How To Draw Thor Using A Unique Design

Now that we are done sketching this fun version of Thor, you are invited to draw more famous characters from this site below. Remember to practice often. That's the key to success! :)

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