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how to draw superheroes using several fun characters

How To Draw Superheroes Using Several Fun Characters

Learning how to draw superheroes can easily be done using five simple lessons from this series. You will have the opportunity to create fun characters made from basic shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. If you feel more confident, you can also try two advanced tutorials featuring subjects that are covered with gradients, shadows and highlights.

Superheroes are quite popular in modern culture. Thanks to the DC and Marvel franchises, these creatures are invading theaters all over the world on a yearly basis. New superheroes are brought back to life constantly. Vilains are also more popular than ever with more and more movies focusing on the life of the bad guys. Let's see how we can create our own cartoon superheroes using all lessons found below.

Building a character from squares and rectangles

Our first subject consists of a superhero clipart made from squares and rectangles. You can begin this lesson by drawing the head using a square and the body with a rectangle. Curved lines are used to form the feet and the hands. Inside the head, sketch both eyes and pupils using perfect circles. You can also use round shapes to represent the ears.

Draw a curved line around the mouth to form the mask. A simple circle is added on the chest to create the symbol (or logo) of the character. A large cape made from curved lines is drawn behind the subject. Add plain colors and we are done with this cute fellow.

How To Draw Superheroes

using perfect circles to draw another fun character

You can also draw a superhero using perfect circles and curved lines. First, draw an oval to form the head. Two thin rectangles are used to illustrate the body and the legs. Curved lines can be added to represent the hands and the feet. Large circles are used to create the eyes and the ears of the superhero. A long cape is sketched behind the subject.

Once again, a mask is added on the face of the character. Curved lines are used to form the mouth and the nose. Plain colors are needed to complete this lesson. Cool! This series on how to draw superheroes is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Superheroes

working with a muscular hero

So far, characters that were created for this series were mostly made from basic shapes and colors. This next lesson is featuring a cartoon superhero filled with muscles and impressive proportions. Just like all previous tutorials, you can start this one with the addition of basic shapes to form the head and the chest.

Then, several large circular shapes are required to build the arms of the character. Once these shapes are added, you can polish the silhouette using several long curved lines. More lines can also be added on the chest. Add plain colors (mostly blue) on the superhero to complete this tutorial.

How To Draw Superheroes

how to draw superheroes filled with cool effects

It's time to work on something slightly more challenging. Unlike previous lessons, this one is not focusing on the creation of the character. Instead, you will have the opportunity to learn how to create a superhero cartoon made from complex shadows and reflections. You can study the parts of the subject and use the first image to help you draw the character. Then, apply some gradients inside the illustration to bring this one to life.

Next, add simple shadows below the neck and on the arms. Brighter areas are created on top of the pupils and on both shoes. Complete this lesson by sketching more shadows on the left side of the head, on the shirt and on the pants.

How To Draw Superheroes

One last character filled with cool effects to complete this series

This last superhero drawing is featuring most of the tips we have learned so far in this series on how to draw superheroes. First, the character is mostly made from basic shapes and curved lines. Simple details are added like lines inside the cape or a "S" on the chest. Perfect circles are used to form the nose and the mouth. Next, add gradients to create some depth. You can use green colors (or any other color you can think of).

The following steps are dedicated to the creation of complex shadows and reflections inside the character. Remember that all these new elements must be partially transparent if you wish to create an appealing cartoon superhero.

How To Draw Superheroes

Learning how to draw superheroes can be a fun activity to help you unleash your creativity. Indeed, you can create all sorts of characters gifted with tons of original powers. Anything is possible! Once you are done sketching and drawing cool cartoon superheroes, you can try more characters from the popular series here. Enjoy! :)

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