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how to draw sugar & candies

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

Learning how to draw sugar and candies is definitely not as fun as eating them. I'm still convinced that I can grab your attention with these cool tutorials filled with colors, special effects and taste. On this page, you will find a great collection of treats, desserts and candies that are all related to a single ingredient: sugar. Some of these lessons are pretty easy to create while others are certainly quite complex.

If you can have access to a vector application, then the most advanced tutorials from this series will be easier to create. If not, then don't worry! All subjects below can be made using the tool of your choice. Simply adapt your techniques to create subtle shadows and reflections in just a few basic steps.

let's start with the key ingredient

Yes, this lesson starts with the creation of a simple cartoon sugar made from a square. This basic lesson requires more skills with perspective than anything else. You can use vanishing points or just trust your instinct and try the technique below.

First, draw a diamond that is slightly larger near the bottom. Then, create your square using vertical and horizontal lines. Once you are done, add gray colors inside the shape. Complete this lesson by adding textures all over the cartoon sugar. Now that the most important ingredient is created, let's start cooking! ;)

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

drawing a simple candy cane using curved lines

This next lesson is also accessible. Let's draw a delicious candy cane using a mix of long curved lines and short rectangles. You can start by drawing a template using a thin rectangle and a large oval shape. Inside the oval shape, create a second shape to form the tip of the cane.

Then, draw the silhouette of the subject and erase all shapes created previously. Inside the candy, add several small rectangles to form the patterns. You can also use simple lines if you prefer. Complete this steps by adding a red color inside the cane to create the famous pattern.

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

The best of the best ... chocolate!

We are still experiencing one easy and delicious lesson with this basic cartoon chocolate. If you can draw rectangles, then you already know how to proceed. Start by sketching two large rectangles to represent the main shape of the subject. Inside this one, you can draw ten small rectangles split in two different columns.

More patterns using additional rectangles can be drawn around the smaller shapes. You can write the word "sweet" inside all rectangles. Complete this lesson by adding brown colors. Notice how some areas are brighter while others are darker. That's all we need to create some depth. Nice! These lessons on how to draw sugar and candies is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

delicious cookies that are easy to make!

I love to bake cookies! Fortunately, this illustration of a cartoon cookie is much easier to create. Once again, if you know how to draw simple circular shapes, then succeeding with this lesson will be very easy. First, create a simple template using a large circle.

Next, use this circle to draw another irregular circle to create the silhouette. Inside the cookie, add some chocolate chips using more tiny circles. When you are done, you can draw simple shadows on the side of the cookie and below each chip. Add brown colors and enjoy!

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

Using oval shapes to draw a beautiful cake

If you can draw perfect oval shapes, then this lesson on how to draw a cartoon cake should be easy. Made from three different layers, this huge dessert is filled with colors, candles and sugar. First, create the layer on the bottom using two large oval shapes. Draw four more shapes to represent the last two layers.

Once you are done creating the cake, add icing using long irregular curved lines. On top of the subject, draw a few candles as shown below. You can add colors to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

delicious ice cream made from a large triangle

So far, we have worked with circles and rectangles to create all sorts of candies and desserts. In this lesson, you will learn to draw ice cream using a large triangle and more circles. Start this tutorial by creating a cone using a triangle. Add two ice cream flavors using circles.

Then, use these circles to create the silhouette of the subject. On top of the image, sketch a cherry. Continue by drawing a pattern on the cone. Complete this lesson by adding colors and a simple shadow on the side of the image. Funny how a simple lesson on how to draw sugar ended up with such a delicious treat!

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

How to draw sugar using a doughnut

Yes, this delicious treat played a huge role in the life of Homer Simpson. Drawing a realistic cartoon doughnut is not an easy task. This lesson is focusing on the implementation of great effects, not the process to draw the subject itself. First, you can add gradients inside the image as shown below.

Simple reflections are added around the hole. Next, create subtle shadows below the icing. Finally, draw a few candies on the doughnut using small (and colorful) rectangles. Nice work! Learning how to draw sugar is certainly more ... delicious now!

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

honey ... it's time to draw!

This advanced example is filled with tips to help you draw the most realistic cartoon honey possible. You can start by creating the jar using straight lines. A simple honey stick made from basic shapes is added over the object. When you are ready, you can draw honey using more curved lines.

Then, add details inside the drawing. Colors are added through gradients. Honey found on the tip of the stick must be partially transparent. Complete this fun lesson by drawing complex shadows and highlights as shown below.

How To Draw Sugar & Candies

If you are not gone yet eating candies, then I hope you had fun learning how to draw sugar and all other treats from this series. Most of these lessons were pretty easy to achieved while a couple were certainly more challenging. Don't hesitate to try more lessons from the cartoon food section here.

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