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how to draw squirrels using a few adorable lessons

How To Draw Squirrels Using A Few Adorable Lessons

You can now learn how to draw squirrels using seven fun lessons featuring simple cartoon characters made from basic shapes and colors. Some of these animals are perfect for beginners while a few are filled with more complex effects like shadows and reflections. I will also show you how to draw this fun animal using either circular shapes or sharp rectangles.

These adorable creatures are often seen climbing on trees or running on electric wires. They are pretty agile, but can also cause some damages on your property. Squirrels can live in various regions, even the ones that are covered with snow in winter. Let's see how we can draw a few simple characters using fun lessons below.

using rectangles created with round corners

For this first attempt, let's draw a squirrel clipart mostly made from soft rectangles. You can start this lesson by drawing the head and body using a single shape. On top of the head, you can draw both ears using curved lines. Eyes are made from large circles and the nose from a smaller one. Simple lines are needed for the teeth and mouth.

Draw a large tail behind the subject. Both arms and legs are done using more short lines. Patches are added inside the ears, around the mouth and on the chest. Complete this step by adding plain colors inside the illustration. This series on how to draw squirrels is off to a good start.

How To Draw Squirrels

another simple creature done with sharp rectangles

Our next cartoon squirrel is represented with several rectangles. First, draw the body and tail using two long shapes. Teeth are formed with two squares. More rectangles are needed to illustrate the legs, the patch on the chest and the ears.

The only circular shapes needed for this lesson are used to create the eyes. You can also draw small lines inside all four legs of the character. Unlike the previous animal, this one is not filled with plain colors. Instead, gradients are used to bring this character to life.

How To Draw Squirrels

this time, let's use circles and oval shapes!

So far, both characters were mostly made from rectangles and squares. This time, let's draw a squirrel using oval shapes and curved lines. You can start by working on the head using a large circle. Notice how the top is slightly narrower. Next, create the body using a short rectangle. Behind the squirrel, draw a large made from perfect lines. Both back legs are also made from short curved lines.

Eyes and pupils are represented with circles. More curved lines can be used for the front feet, the ears and the mouth. Add small details like patches inside the ears and teeth to complete this character. All you need to do is add plain colors.

How To Draw Squirrels

building a simple template using basic shapes

Not only can you use basic shapes to draw a character, but you can also use them to sketch a template that will be used to create a drawing. This is the case with our next cartoon squirrel. You can start by adding basic shapes to form the head (circle) and the ears (triangles).

Then, a few rectangles are needed to represent the body and the back legs. A few more rectangles can be added to illustrate the front legs and the tail. Once the template is done, draw the character using perfect curved lines. Notice how both eyes are joined together and how the tail is made from long curved lines. Excellent! This series on how to draw squirrels is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Squirrels

a more complex posture for a fun character

Let's use the same technique to create a funny squirrel featuring a more challenging posture. This time, the character is built with circles and oval shapes. Both cheeks are larger and ears are done using small circles. Once all basic shapes are added, you can work on the silhouette of the character.

Inside the head, draw the eyes, the pupils, the nose and the mouth. Simple details can be added on top of the head and inside all feet. You can also sketch large patches on the chest, the tail, around the mouth and inside the ears.

How To Draw Squirrels

how to draw squirrels using complex effects

All creatures created so far were pretty basic. Our next squirrel cartoon is definitely more challenging! In the next tutorial, no step-by-step process can be found. Instead, this lesson is focusing on adding gradients, shadows and simple highlights to the character. The first step shows you how to draw this simple animal. Then, you can add gradients inside the illustration.

Simple shadows are created around the eyes, on the back legs and the feet. You can also add a darker area on the neck, just above the body. Reflections are drawn inside the pupils and on the tail.

How To Draw Squirrels

One last fun character to complete this series

Just like the previous lesson, this squirrel drawing is dedicated to the addition of shadows and reflections. You can start this lesson by drawing the animal using mostly curved lines. Once you are done drawing the squirrel, simply add gradients. Next, draw a few shadows using darker shapes. These new elements are mostly added on the left side of the animal.

Then, draw large white shapes to form highlights. Of course, these shapes must be partially transparent to be effective. Complete this lesson by changing the color of all outlines.

How To Draw Squirrels

I hope you had fun learning how to draw squirrels using these fun tutorials. It could be a good idea to try sketching your own character using your own style. You can also try various postures, try new perspectives or add textures. More series featuring cool animals can be found here. Have fun drawing! :)

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