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how to draw sheep that looks fun

How To Draw Sheep That Looks Fun

It's easy to learn how to draw sheep when you have access to several fun lessons to help you achieve your goal. That's exactly what this series is all about. Instead of relying on a single tutorial, you can use all seven lessons below to draw this amazing animal. Most subjects can be drawn using only a few basic shapes and colors. A few of them are filled with complex shadows and highlights to increase the level of realism.

Sheep are definitely fun animals to illustrate. This animal is covered with wool and is made with small ears and short legs. They are raised for various reasons including meat, wool, milk and also as pets. Let's see how we can draw fun sheep using all lessons found below.

Using rectangles to create our first cartoon sheep

We can start this series by creating a lovely sheep clipart using mostly rectangles and circles. You can start by sketching the body using a large rectangle. Both eyes are made from perfect circles. Notice how both eyes are cropped on both sides. Add some wool on top of the head and around the waist and feet.

Small ears drawn using curved lines are added on both sides of the head. You can also draw a short tail on the right of the image. Both the nose and the mouth are done using curved lines. Don't forget to draw short legs using more straight lines.

How To Draw Sheep

Another fun subject made from squares and rectangles

This next lesson on how to draw sheep is featuring a cool character made from squares and rectangles. Only the eyes are made from circular shapes (or dots). Short straight lines are sketched inside the body to represent the wool. Legs are also made from tiny rectangles and triangles. Once you are done, you can add colors.

Unlike the previous illustration, gradients are added inside the subject. This will help create a little bit of depth and volume. You can see this effect inside the head (the top is darker and the bottom is slightly brighter).

How To Draw Sheep

It's time to use circular shapes to draw a cartoon sheep

We can also draw a sheep using mostly circles and curved lines. In fact, this is closer to reality than sketching animals made from rectangles! First, draw the head using a medium circle. Then, you can use several short curved lines to create the wool on top of the head and around the body. Next, work on the feet using small rectangles and triangles. We won't use these shapes for anything else!

Draw large eyes and pupils using perfect circles. Ears are made from short curved lines. Inside the pupils, you can create reflections. Don't forget to draw the nose and the mouth. Add plain colors and you are done learning how to draw sheep made from circular shapes. :)

How To Draw Sheep

how to draw sheep with simplicity

Our next lesson will also help you draw a sheep made from basic shapes and lines. This time, notice how all lines are created with pointed ends. This minimalist illustration doesn't have complex details or textures to display. Instead, the character is done with just a few lines and colors. Even the wool around the body is made from just seven curved lines (compared to twelve for the previous character).

You can use small oval shapes to form the eyes and short straight lines to create the nose and mouth. Don't forget to draw small ears using tiny triangular shapes.

How To Draw Sheep

The oldest sheep from this site is still very accurate!

Yes, I still really like this cartoon sheep that was created years ago for this site. Just start this lesson by creating two circles to form the head and body. Then, draw both eyes using perfect circles. Notice how the left eye is slightly smaller than the right one. Wool made from short lines is added around the body.

You can draw all four legs using thin curved lines. The pupils and the nose are done with tiny dots. You can use gradients inside the head and body to complete this lesson. Great work! This series on how to draw sheep is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Sheep

Let's work on a more complex sheep illustration

We are now entering a more difficult section from this series. The next characters are filled with complex shapes, shadows and highlights. This is the case with this sheep cartoon created without outlines nor strokes. The first step is dedicated to helping you sketch the silhouette and details of the subject.

Next, you can add gradients using mostly gray colors. Then, draw some shadows around the eyes (step number four) and tiny reflections on the pupils. You can draw the nose using a large black shape and add more reflections on the bottom of the legs.

How To Draw Sheep

Our most advanced character is here!

Our last subject is featuring most of the things we have learned so far. Indeed, this sheep drawing is made from basic shapes like circles and curved lines. These lines are made from pointed ends. For the eyes and pupils, perfect circles can be used. Ears are done with tiny triangles. The nose is flat, large and made from more sharp lines.

Notice how the wool is more subtle compared with previous characters. Once you are done drawing the sheep, you can add colors. Then, enhance this illustration by creating nice shadows and highlights using shapes that are partially transparent.

How To Draw Sheep

I hope you had fun learning how to draw sheep using all the lessons found above. It's now time to sketch your own version using all the tips and techniques you have learned so far. Don't hesitate to play with the posture of the subject or add more details inside the character. Once you are done drawing cute cartoon sheep, you can also try more fun animals from the same series here. :)

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