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how to draw robots made from circles and rectangles

How To Draw Robots Made From Circles And Rectangles

Learning how to draw robots is a very creative activity. These fun characters come in tons of shapes, styles and designs. In fact, you can literally sketch and draw anything you can think of. Possibilities are endless! These machines can have legs, they can fly, work using eight arms or be hidden under huge shields.

Robots are everywhere! You can see them in movies, books, video games or even at your job. They can perform task for us, increase the level of productivity or simply destroy stuff. We have to accept the fact that machines will be part of our lives for decades to come. Even more intriguing is the rise of artificial intelligence. No doubt that life on earth in 100 years will be much different from what it is now. Let's see how we can draw a few simple cartoon robots using today's tools. :)

A first sample made from basic circles and rectangles

Our first subject is created using a wide variety of basic shapes. The head is made using a large circle that is slightly narrower near the top. The body is done using a small square. Both feet are also made from thin rectangles. Hands and feet are represented by curved lines.

A thin antenna is added on top of the head. The mouth is made from six tiny rectangles. Eyes and pupils are created using large circles. More details are added inside the body and the pupils of the character. Finally, the robot is filled with gray colors.

How To Draw Robots

Another cool character mostly made from squares and rectangles

This next robot clipart is also quite easy to illustrate. Indeed, this one is mostly created from rectangles and squares. The head must be bigger than the body. The legs are thin and both feet are done using curved lines. Inside the head, you can draw two circles to form the eyes.

The mouth consists of a long rectangle separated in small squares. Curved lines are drawn all around the head. Many details are created inside the machine. Large and small dots can be sketched inside the head and body. You can complete this tutorial by adding blue and yellow colors as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw Robots

A classic character from the 50s

This next cartoon robot is very similar to characters that were depicted in movies from the 50s. You might be aware that back then, machines were pretty basic and not very mobile. This simple illustration reflects this reality. The silhouette of the robot is done using squares.

Arms and legs are created from rectangles. A simple pattern is also added on the front of the subject. Multiple lines are sketched inside the arms and legs. You can add basic colors using gradients. I also added simple effects on the eyes of the robot to create a more realistic image. Cool! Let's continue our good work on learning how to draw robots.

How To Draw Robots

Working with shadows and reflections

Unlike characters from previous tutorials, this robot cartoon is filled with complex effects like shadows and reflections. In fact, this lesson is mostly focusing on how to add these fun effects on the character. In the first step, you can see all shapes needed to form the complete robot. No steps are needed here.

Then, you can add gradients inside the illustration and bring this one to life. The last three steps are devoted to the creation of shadows, reflections and brightness. This character is definitely more complex to illustrate, but the template behind this advanced subject remains basic.

How To Draw Robots

Learning how to draw robots filled with more cool effects

Our last robot drawing is featuring a character that is visually quite appealing. The head and the body are made from delicate oval shapes. Eyes and pupils are large and round. The mouth is done using small rectangles. Arms and legs are sketched with curved rectangles. Small lines are added inside these shapes. You can also draw large stripes inside the head and body.

Once you are finished, it's time to add some effects. Indeed, this character is filled with basic shadows and highlights. Shadows are done using dark shapes while reflections are created from white ones. Outlines are also filled with colors. Nice work learning how to draw robots like these fun characters!

How To Draw Robots

As you can see above, learning how to draw robots can be very exciting. This theme gives you the opportunity to create anything you can think of. Billions of possibilities are possible. Just keep it simple and have fun drawing more machines that are simple or complex ... it's all up to you! More lessons are available here!

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