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how to draw princess cartoons that look cute

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

Learn how to draw princess cartoons that are appealing and easy to illustrate. In this lesson, I will show you how to create this lovely character using basic shapes in just a few easy steps. No doubt that princesses are quite popular with children. These strong females are often portrayed as being adventurous, determined and living in a creative environment. Let's see how we can create the cute character found below using only a few basic lines and a lot of passion!

Creating the head and the body

You can start by drawing the head of the cartoon princess using a few short lines. These lines must be slightly curved and pointed on both ends (this recipe must be used for all future lines too). Next, add the top of the dress using more simple curved lines.

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

Adding arms, hands and the dress

Good job so far. Let's draw two short arms made from rectangles on both sides of the body. Hands are represented with short curved lines. Below the body, add the second part of the dress. Make sure the bottom of the dress is larger than the top (otherwise the character might look weird).

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

Drawing the hair and the crown

You can now draw the hair of the princess using long curved lines. You can also add some hair on the forehead to create a more realistic haircut. A simple crown made from short triangles and three tiny circular shapes can also be added on top of the head.

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

time to work inside the head

The facial expression is probably the most important element of this illustration. You can start by adding two large eyes filled with tiny pupils. Eyebrows made from short curved lines are also added above both eyes.

The nose is made from a long broken line. Next, you can draw teeth using a mix of simple curved and straight lines. Good work! We are almost done drawing this cute cartoon princess using basic shapes and lines.

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

A few final details and we are ... almost done

Around the body of the cartoon princess, you can draw a large sash made from long curved lines. A tiny line on the right is used to represent the chest of the character. Now that this cute princess is completed, we need to add some colors to make the drawing even more appealing.

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

it's time to add colors

It's time to add colors and get creative. Indeed, possibilities are virtually endless. For this simple example, the crown is filled with a blue and yellow color. This blue color is also used for the dress while the yellow color is applied inside the sash.

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

Now you know how to draw princess cartoons in just six easy steps

I hope you had fun learning how to create this adorable character. Now that you know how to draw princess cartoons, you can try more animals and characters from the same series here. All these tutorials are based on the same template making it easy to draw more fun illustrations like this one is just minutes.

How to Draw Princess Cartoons

Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible. Additional resources are also available below for you to enjoy. :)

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