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how to draw ponies filled with fun colors

How To Draw Ponies Filled With Fun Colors

You can now learn how to draw ponies using a few fun lessons featuring this amazing animal. I will show you three simple alternatives to create a cartoon pony that can be achieved by anyone. The first character is made from a large rectangle and filled with plain colors. The second one is done using mostly curved lines and circular shapes. The last tutorial features a simple pony drawn using a more complex anatomy.

Ponies are adorable creatures loved by everyone. These small horses come in various breeds that are strong, short and visually quite appealing. In the wonderful world of cartoons, ponies are often depicted in pink to avoid confusion with other animals like large horses. Just like the latter, ponies are often used as working animals or as a simple mode of transportation.

drawing a cute pony using a large rectangle

Our first pony clipart is quite accessible for beginners. All you need to do is draw a large rectangle to form the body and head of the animal. Next, you can draw large eyes using perfect circles as shown in the picture below. These eyes are partially cropped on both sides of the body. The area around the mouth is represented by a smooth rectangle.

On top of the head, you can draw short ears made from curved lines. Pupils are also made using perfect circles. Small dots are also sketched inside the small rectangle. On top of the head, a crest is added using a long curved line. The tail is also done using two short lines. Legs and hooves are drawn with more short straight lines. Great work! We have created one character from this series on how to draw ponies.

How To Draw Ponies

Working on another adorable pony made from circles

The next character is also very basic and easy to achieved. Indeed, you can now learn how to draw a pony mostly made from circles and curved lines. You can start by drawing a large circle to form the head. The area around the mouth is also made from a smaller circle. The body is done using curved lines and short legs done with rectangles are added below the body. Don't forget to draw small hooves using rectangles.

Eyes and pupils are represented by perfect circles. Ears are pointed and done using triangles. You can draw small patches inside the ears and reflections on the pupils. Don't forget to add the nose and the mouth. Notice that this character (the final image) doesn't have stroke nor outline. Nice work!

How To Draw Ponies

how to draw ponies that look more realistic

This last illustration of a pony consists of a basic character shown from a different perspective. The posture is also more challenging to illustrate. First, you can build the anatomy of the creature using several small basic shapes. The head, the body and the top of the back legs are made from circles. When you are done creating the template, you can polish the silhouette of the cartoon pony using curved lines.

The crest is created using several long curved lines. More lines are needed to form the tail of the animal. Eyes and pupils are represented by small circles. Small dots are added inside the nose. Patches are added inside the ears and hooves are made from small lines. Add colors and you are done.

How To Draw Ponies

I hope you had fun working with all three lessons found above. Learning how to draw ponies is not a difficult task once you are aware of the particular anatomy of the character. Some lessons, like the first one, are easier to sketched and don't require much knowledge. Have fun drawing more fun animals from the same series here and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

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