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How to Draw Pigs using a few fun animals

How To Draw Pigs Using A Few Fun Animals

You can now learn how to draw pigs using most lessons found on this site grouped into this fun series. Whether you want to create a nice animal using rectangles or create a more complex image filled with shadows, you will find it here. With up to nine adorable characters to choose from, no doubt that you will select a nice illustration to play with.

Just like butterflies, roses and mice, pigs are often one of the first animal kids are learning to illustrate. The fact that you can sketch a large body, a simple snout and a curly tail to draw a recognizable pig certainly helps. Let's see how we can draw tons of cute cartoon pigs using all lessons below.

Working with a rectangle and large circles

The first pig clipart that you can draw is done using a large rectangle. On top of the head, sketch two short ears using small curved lines. Eyes are represented by large circles that are cropped on both sides. You can also draw simple pupils using more perfect circles.

The snout is illustrated using a rectangle and short lines are used to build the legs. One long curved line is used for the tail. Simply add plain colors inside the character and you are done with this first tutorial.

How To Draw Pigs

More rectangles needed to draw this cute pig

This next cartoon pig is only made from sharp shapes like rectangles and squares. All shapes used are large and made from thick lines. Ears on top of the head are formed using tiny triangles. Short lines drawn with pointed ends are used inside the snout. Don't forget to draw a small curly tail. Unlike the previous character, this one is filled with gradients.

How To Draw Pigs

Another fun pig, but this time drawn using circular shapes

Although the head and legs are made from rectangles, this drawing of a pig is mostly made from shapes that are either circular or made using round corners. The body is sketched using a smooth circle and eyes are made from dark oval shapes.

The mouth is created using only a line and ears from short triangles. Notice how both legs on the far side of the illustration are filled with a darker color. Add plain colors (bright ones if you can) and we are done! Great! This series on how to draw pigs is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Pigs

Creating a lovely pig without strokes and outlines

You can also learn to draw a pig that doesn't has strokes and outlines like the one found below. First, draw a large head and body using perfect circles. Small hooves are created near the legs using rectangles. Ears are short and made from curved lines. Don't forget to draw large eyes and pupils using perfect circles. A small snout is also added below the eyes. Add plain colors and remove all outlines to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Pigs

Another cute pig shown using a side view

This next illustration also shows how to draw a pig using only nice circular shapes. Eyes are only represented by small dots and the snout is done using a large oval shape. Patches can be drawn inside the ears and this time, the tail is made from a broken line. Gradients are used to apply colors and give more depth to the character. Both legs on the far side are also darker.

How To Draw Pigs

Drawing a more realistic posture

So far, animals were mostly made from basic shapes and were not very realistic. This illustration of a pig is visually a little bit closer to the real thing. First, create a template using mostly circles, oval shapes and rectangles. Notice the posture and the perspective used to build the character.

Next, draw the silhouette using sharp lines. The face is more appealing with its small eyes, triangular snout and subtle mouth. Tiny hooves are also sketched on the bottom of the legs. Add plain colors and you are done!

How To Draw Pigs

working with gradients and shadows

We are now entering the most advanced section of this series. From now on, our goal is not to learn how to draw pigs using basic shapes and lines, but rather adding cool effects to existing images. This first pig cartoon is a good example of what I am talking about. In the first step, you can see how the character was drawn using a few simple lines.

Next, plain colors were added. In the third step, gradients are used to create more depth. The last three steps are dedicated to the addition of basic effects. Shadows were added around the eyes and below the head. Large reflections (made from white shapes) were also created on the back and inside the head of the creature.

How To Draw Pigs

Adding even more effects into this next subject

This next pig drawing is filled with even more effects like shadows, reflections and highlights. Just like all lessons so far, the animal is mostly made from basic shapes and lines. Once gradients are added, then things are getting more interesting.

Notice how several cool shadows were drawn to increase the level of realism of this cartoon image. You can see shadows under the ears, the eyes, the snout and near the legs. Reflections (or brighter areas) were also sketched inside the pupils, on the snout and on the back of the animal.

How To Draw Pigs

how to draw pigs using all these effects + textures

Our last lesson on how to draw pigs also feature a fun character made with all tips learned so far. This one is also filled with basic textures (mostly irregular lines drawn on the body). Eyes are also more complex since pupils are done using two circles instead of just one. The anatomy of the character is also more polished. Notice the complexity of the ears, the addition of cheeks as well as the shape of the body.

How To Draw Pigs

Hopefully you had fun learning how to draw pigs using all characters available on this page. Feel free to create more cute versions using various postures, proportions and textures. Now that we are done with this animal, you can proceed with more fun characters from the same collection here. Enjoy!

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