How to Draw People And Characters

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In this part of the website, I will show you how to draw people that are easy to reproduce, fun to draw and filled with great shadows and reflections. Indeed, my goal for these drawing lessons is to give you a few tools to enhance your cartoon characters. Hopefully, the whole process will be easy and not very painful! :)

How to draw people

If you want to complete all tutorials and achieve a result similar to mines, you will need to own a vector software. Doing everything by hand is certainly feasible, but it's not the easiest and most effective technique.

You can find many cheap graphic software on the web. I use and recommend Xara Photo and Graphic Designer. Adobe Illustrator is also another great choice, but Xara is much more affordable and more intuitive for simple task.

Although we are using a simple 2D software, my goal is to create characters that also feels three dimensional. To do so, I will show you how to create simple shadows using the gradient tool, the transparency tool as well as a few basic shapes.

You will see that it is rather easy to come up with something amazing since today's vector software are doing most of the job for us! However, you still need to create the character yourself!

Each step comes with a detailed description and two pictures are also available to help you see the changes performed for each of these steps. This part of the website IS NOT about creating cartoon characters, but rather on how to enhance these characters with nice effects. I will show you how you can mix all those effects to come up with a drawing that will be gorgeous and simple.

Remember that drawing is all about practicing. You can start the same tutorial a few times before getting it right. Some drawings are more complex than others, so don't hesitate to complete a few different drawing lessons to learn new things.

You can also try the animal series (see the vector links on your left). The process is similar, but the characters are more diversified and colorful.

Good luck and I hope you will enjoy these new drawing lessons!

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