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how to draw mummies using fun examples

How To Draw Mummies Using Fun Examples

You can learn how to draw mummies using four simple lessons featuring cute characters that are easy to illustrate. Some of these tutorials consist of illustrations mostly made from basic shapes and colors. One of them is also built with complex shadows and gradients. The good news is that all these characters can easily be drawn by beginners or younger artists.

Mummies are humans or animals that have been preserved using various chemicals. A mummy can also be accidental (like animals trapped in ice). Of course, most mummies are often associated with ancient Egypt. Several cultures also used this technique to keep the dead closer to the living. Let's see how we can draw a few cartoon mummies using simple tips and fun characters now. :)

Let's begin with this adorable creature made from a large rectangle

First, we can work with this cute mummy clipart made from a single rectangle. Indeed, the head and body of the subject are created from the same shape. Ears are done using small circles and curved lines are used to illustrate the arms and feet. Inside the head, large circles are created to form the eyes.

Pupils are done with more small circles. You can draw a large line to represent the mouth. The clothes used to wrap the mummy is sketched with several straight lines. You can add a small sample on top of the head too. Subtle yellow colors are applied on the illustration. Eyes are colored in red.

How To Draw Mummies

Another cute mummy made from curved lines and circles

Our next lesson on how to draw mummies is based on a character made from rounder shapes. Only the body is created using a large, but thin rectangle. First, sketch the body and the head as shown in the illustration below. Next, draw arms and legs using curved lines. Stripes are added on the character using random lines.

These lines are irregular and don't have the same space between them. In the middle of the head, sketch large eyes and pupils using perfect circles. A simple darker patch is added behind both eyes. You can also draw tiny reflections inside the pupils. Just add plain colors inside the subject and you are done.

How To Draw Mummies

walk like an egyptian!

So far, both characters created were made from a boring posture. Let's change that with this lesson on how to draw a cartoon mummy that walks toward the left. First, let's build a template made from basic rectangles and circles to help us figure out how the character should look like. It's time to polish the posture and the proportions.

Once all basic shapes are created, you can draw the eyes and work on the silhouette of the creature. Notice how fingers are visible and how clothes are hanging from both arms. Don't forget to add plain colors to enhance this illustration. Both the arm and the leg located on the far side can be filled with darker colors.

How To Draw Mummies

how to draw mummies using complex effects

This last mummy cartoon is featuring an image that is filled with great effects like gradients and shadows. Unlike previous lessons, you won't find a step-by-step process to draw the mummy. In the first step, the character is already created, but no colors were added. You can easily use this picture to sketch the creature.

Next, add gradients to give more depth to the illustration. See how stripes in the third step are much darker near the bottom, but brighter on top. Once you are done, you can start adding dark shadows around the eyes and on the arms. More strong shadows are created on the left side of the character.

How To Draw Mummies

Great work! Learning how to draw mummies can be done using a wide variety of techniques. It's now time to draw your own character using some of the tips you have learned so far. You can make happy mummies or sketch a more aggressive character. Remember to try more fun lessons from the same series here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice often. :)

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