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how to draw monsters using a few simple creatures

How To Draw Monsters Using A Few Simple Creatures

Learning how to draw monsters is one fun activity to do! Imagine ... you can draw anything you can think of without even making mistakes or being inaccurate. That's right! There are no rules when illustrating imaginary creatures. You are the sole master of what you are sketching. Monsters can have five eyes, eight legs, a purple skin ... possibilities are just endless! That's why this subject is so fascinating!

Monsters are also very present in modern culture. Not only can you find them in horror movies and video games, but they have been around for ages. King Kong, Godzilla, The Blob, Aliens ... these famous creatures are all different from each other, but are all considered like cool monsters. Let's see how we can draw fun characters using tons of appealing tutorials. :)

Using basic shapes to create our first creature

Our first monster clipart consists of a simple character made from one large rectangle and many basic elements. Indeed, eyes are done using perfect large circles. Curved lines are used to form the arms and the feet. On top of the head, you can create tiny horns and ears using more short lines.

The mouth is created from a simple curved line. Sharp teeth are sketched under the mouth. You can also draw wings using several broken lines. A large patch is sketched on the chest of the creature. Just add plain colors and you are done creating our first character.

How To Draw Monsters

Creating characters using unusual proportions

This next cartoon monster is featuring a character drawn using a singular anatomy. Unlike humans, the face of the creature is located inside the body. That's probably the reason why arms are so high compared to the eyes. Another singularity is the fact that both eyes are not the same size.

Our monster seems mad, that's why the mouth is made from one single line and eyebrows are added just above the eyes. Don't forget the hands and the feet that are gifted with a single horn each. Unlike the previous subject, this one is filled with gradients to create more depth and volume.

How To Draw Monsters

another similar version created without strokes and outlines

You can also learn to draw a monster that looks appealing and cute using a template that doesn't has strokes nor outlines. First, sketch the body using a square made from smooth corners. Add basic legs with long curved lines. Arms are also made from short lines and claws are added instead of fingers.

Both eyes and pupils are made from nice circles. The mouth is made from a curved line and two short teeth are sketched from triangles. This cute character is also filled with plain colors (green ones).

How To Draw Monsters

Things are getting more ... challenging!

So far, we have learned how to draw monsters that were simple and made from basic elements. It's now time to work with more challenging illustrations. This cartoon monster made from several short lines is a good example. Of course, we still need to sketch a few basic shapes to begin with.

Next, you can draw the silhouette of the creature using more short lines. Eyes are partially closed and teeth are done using large squares. This monster is gifted with large horns, big ears and several sharp nails. Details are also created on the forehead. In the seventh step, subtle shadows are added inside the character.

How To Draw Monsters

How to draw monsters ... that are famous!

Monsters can be done using your own imagination, but you can also decide to learn how to draw famous creatures like King Kong using more complex effects. As you can see below, the subject was built with tons of small circles and oval shapes. The silhouette is created from several small triangles and short lines. For the facial expression, make sure that the big ape is mad.

Gradients are added inside the creature to increase the depth of the image. Next, sketch a few subtle shadows around the eyes, under the nose and on the chest. Highlights are also created on the right side of the head and chest to create more volume. Good work! This series on how to draw monsters is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Monsters

drawing complex shadows and reflections

Let's work on another fun monster drawing filled with complex shadows and reflections. This creature is quite similar to the third one available on this page. However, the character found below is visually more challenging to complete. First, the posture is dynamic and the mouth very impressive.

Strong shadows are added on the arms, tail and legs. You can also sketch darker areas around the eyes, on the fingers and near the mouth. It can also be a good idea to apply large white shapes to form reflections. In the last step, lines are filled with colors to create a more appealing result. Great! Let's learn how to draw monsters using more lessons now!

How To Draw Monsters

a similar process, but with a different result

This next monster cartoon is also featuring a creature with large hands and subtle shadows, This time, the beast was created using no strokes nor outlines. The subject is also filled with orange and brown colors (instead of green).

The addition of complex gradients, shadows and highlights also help create a fun illustration that looks like it was made in 3D. No doubt that the creation of several small shadows around the horns, on the teeth and inside the body are contributing to this fun aspect of this image.

How To Draw Monsters

Looking for a real challenge? This character is the one for you!

Let's put an end to this series on how to draw monsters by working on a fun character filled with textures and cool effects. Indeed, this incredible character is loaded with subtle textures and shadows made from basic elements.

Whether you are looking at the horns, the skin, the tail or the face of the character, you will see fun details and textures. Tons of small shadows are also created all over the illustration to increase this sense of volume and depth that is needed when working with an advanced tutorial like this one.

How To Draw Monsters

Yes, learning how to draw monsters is definitely the most rewarding thing you can do. We could all draw monsters for months and still end up with tons of different designs. You are only limited by your imagination. I highly recommend sketching these creatures if you feel stuck or frustrated with drawing.

Working on a complex subject like a car can be overwhelming, but drawing beautiful monsters can only be fun and relaxing. More cute cartoon characters from the same collection can be found here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

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